Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Lost Chambers

Last Friday me and some colleagues went to visit The Lost Chambers at Atlantis The Palm in Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai. It was our first time enter into this world famous Palm Island.

Our target is to visit The Lost Chambers to watch a captured whale shark which became a big controversy from NGOs around the world, many parties want to free the whale shark.

The entrance fee is not that cheap, for adults price is Dhs 70, and for children price is Dhs 55.

Ways to Atlantis The Palm

Main entrance to The Lost Chambers

The whale shark

I couldn't manage to snap a clear shots on the whale shark since it was swimming on the water surface all the time.



Jelly Fish

Another type of jelly fishes... look like... hehehe...

Lion Fish

Group of Nemo

Big grouper fish (approx. 5-6 feet long)

View inside Lost Chamber

One of the view

View from hotel main entrance

The fishes are not as much as I expected, after we came out from The Lost Chamber, we found out if watch from the Hotel main entrance we can watch the big aquarium for free!!! To me it's not that worth to pay Dhs 70 just to watch few extra species of fish in there.

Big Fish


day-dreamer said...

It looks nicer than our own Aquaria... the main entrance and the way, I mean. Haha.

kyh said...

looks cool! the nemos and whale shark and lion fish are worth seeing.

va:L said...

hey cool ma. At least pay to see the decoration lol. Not fish :P

julieann said...

hey i think its cool too!! at least u get to see how they designed to show u the fishies.. hehehehe... but i tell u, the design is damn impressive leh!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

super cool.......

Johnny said...

It must be very enjoyable at there!

Agnes said...

hahaha...u went there!!! i know i know not worth at all...that y never think about goin there.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

got see sea cucumber anot?

Wyn said...

wah...just like Aquaria but more cantik...hehe...

kinda expensive eh the entrance fees...

side note again : OH NO..d baby won d...=( unfair...!!!!

Wyn said...

yea..agree with you...hehe..

KIMI will be back...=P

heard next year middle east will got new track oh?

Wyn said...

wow...dats so cool...maybe u ask ur company to give u free tickets...hehe...

then, there will be 2 races at UAE lor??

narrowband said...

Nice share! You really make people want to go there!

Kenny Ng said...

Is it? I don't know lor.

My main aim is to see whale shark lor


Just some angles la, others look normal to me only.

[pisang goreng]
The water is cool

Not really lor

But at least to enter palm island ma.

[pisang goreng]
No wor

Got another one entrance even more expensive.

Yah, that is racing, anything can happen, looking forward for next year.

Free ticket? Not that easy la.

Hmm... better not to come.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...


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