Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brain Damaged

I'm confused and can't think now... My brain is dead now... I don't know what to blog now...



zeroimpact said...

I think you need help to blow out the sands from your brains

_butt said...

why? what happened??

erinalaw said...

u sure got something to blog one. With you canggih camera, you surely have lots of things to show us.

vera said...

aiks how lah like that? don't pressure yourself. i would suggest you go take plenty of pictures and not having to write anything. in this way maybe you let your photography skills do the talking instead. go to the nearby zoo or something and take camel toes (jek jek jek)...

ok i think i had too much caffeine.

Kenny Ng said...

What is sand?

Dunno also

No time for that also la

No time for myself la... how?

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