Friday, February 27, 2009

Number 11

When you read on this post, yes... I'm shifting again and this is my 11th time shifting my accommodation in 1.5 years working in UAE.

I was shifting from Abu Dhabi to Dubai then to Abu Dhabi and then Dubai... Then Abu Dhabi again now... In Dubai I also shifted from one place to another places. I'm getting numb of it now, I think my next move will be back to Malaysia.

I think I should get an honorable award on my shifting accommodation, my colleagues also suggested to nominate me into Book of Guinness World Records 2009. I was like errrrr..... I became another joke stories in my working company. So I'm the record holder so far, at least I can be proud on it...

Should I nominated in world record as most shifting accommodation?

Anyway, this time the shifting if more benefit to me, I no need to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi everyday to work, so I can save almost 3-4 hours journey on the road into my sleeping/rest time.

The only thing I upset is no internet connection in my new accommodation, I have to go other accommodation to online after this, so my blog will not able to update so often after this, hope you all understand it.

Record Holder!!!


day-dreamer said...

LOL Kenny the professional mover!

Take care ya!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

the record will break if you shift back to home land.

erinalaw said...

Pro in shifting around, ya? No matter what, wishing you all the best in your career. Take care. Still can sms u mah, right?

laundryamah said...

good thing i don't have to be a nomad, if not sure mampus betul, my bags alone pun gila leow..then shoes...then clothes...then cooking tools...

Anonymous said... shift will be to ur new house with ur wife... ;)

ah nel

Kenny Ng said...

I can be consultant for moving house lor

[pisang goreng]
Already broke the record before come back

Thanks... yeah sure can

My documents enough to kill me lor

[ah nel]
I wish that too!

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