Monday, February 09, 2009

New Challenge

I've been transferred to other project start from today after I resume my work yesterday in Dubai. As what I expected I'll be transferred to Abu Dhabi for the new challenge.

I was little bit of surprised that my transfer was so soon, anyway... I'm happy with it, I like new challenges. This time I really got what I wanted for so long, right now I'm involving with Formula One race track project in Abu Dhabi.

Previously my working project was horse racing track, and now is Formula One racing track. In other words is like from 1 horsepower to 800-1000 horsepower. I love Formula One sport since I was in primary school, now I'm involve in the construction of the circuit, hopefully I can manage to watch the race which has been scheduled in this year racing calender.

I probably will be shifted my accommodation (again) from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 1-2 weeks time according to the management has look after accommodation for us.

Finally I wish everything will be going smooth and finish it for the race, and I have to work more harder to achieve the target, I'm ready for it!

Formula One!!!


day-dreamer said...

Wah you must be soooo ecstatic!

Can meet Kimi Raikkonen anot? :P

Btw, Happy Chap Goh Meh! :)

art & vera said...

good for u ... at last u can be in the formula 1 team..errr... at least u can say u build the road champions race on... not many people in the world can say that..hahaha... congrats man... btw u got the book oledi or not?...

narrowband said...

I read about your project termination! That's scary! But you're not looking good also! Formula 1 race track!!!!! CONGRATS!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

congrats.... bro

hope you can finih the track.

Wyn said... cool...

can get Kimi`s autograph for me if u happened to bump into him? hehe...

congratz oh!!!

FL Sam said...

Wow...Great News, you got what you wanted. Very good start for the New Year. Wish you all the best. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Hopefully I got chance to meet him.

Yeah... one of my dreams is to build F1 track, now got it! Yes!!! Got the book, damn nice. Thanks again!

Of course not looking good after put so much efforts & gone like wind. Now is my new challenge

[pisang goreng]
I believe we can! We are on track now. Thanks!

I'll try ok? I also want ma... hehehe

[FL Sam]
Yeah... not too bad after all. Thanks

Purple~MushRooM said...

Hey Kenny, am happy for you that you are still there on project. Good thing!

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