Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My CNY Trips

This Chinese New Year holiday to me is another busy trip, the 2 weeks off is still not enough time for me to meet up all my friends. Anyway, it wasn't a good holiday to me as the first day I touched down to Malaysia I had food poisoning, my food hunting was gone for the first few days.

As usual the first day of CNY is my family gathering day, this few years was not as happening as old days, not all relatives were come on the first day.

On the 3rd day of CNY, my boss & project manager came down to Penang for holiday, so I brought them to tour the places they haven't been so far.

Sam Po Gong

At first I brought them to Sam Po Gong at Batu Maung to see the legendary Cheng Ho's big foot print.

View from Sam Po Gong

After that we went to Penang New World Park for famous Penang foods. I didn't take any food pics as so many bloggers posted it before so many times. After that we went up to Kek Lok Si temple, it was so conjusted and by the time we reached, all also tired. We just have a short walk there and I didn't manage to snap more photos.

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si

View from arch door

The lanterns

On the 5th day of CNY, I went down to Kuala Lumpur. This time I was planning to meet as much friends as I can, but I failed again... So many were outstation or busy with own families.

The 6th day of CNY, so coincident my favorite guitarist 'Fasy' was playing at my regular pub 'Backyard Pub' in Sri Hartamas. Since I never met him more than 2 years after he became international super star guitarist, so I don't want to miss this chance!

Fasy & Great local musicians

As usual, he is still friendly as he was, when he met me he was so surprised then greet me. We had a short chit chat and I hope he will play in Dubai or Abu Dhabi soon.

My KL trip was so rush, luckily manage to meet up my old blogger gang, Wingz, Han, Golfnick & Penny. This time the meeting was too short, I still have other meeting with my boss & manager on the same day. I hope my next trip to meet up them will be much longer, I really missed the laughter session that we used to have.

Yesterday I came back to my hometown Butterworth, and suddenly the environment here is much more quiet compare to first few days of CNY. I think most of them were back to work, so everything is back to normal here.

Today I went to Penang island to meet up another blogger, Erina Law. Finally I got chance to whack my favorite Penang Asam Laksa opposite of Peng Hwa Girl School, it's been more than 3 years I don't have the chance to eat it. Then I rush to meet up some old friends.

Penang Ferry

It's been long long time I never travel to Penang island by ferry, really miss the moment during my lower six school time & working time in Penang many years ago.

I always love this scene

Heritage buildings nearby KOMTAR

I'm trying to organise a meeting with my old schoolmates tomorrow before I fly back to Dubai on Friday. Time really flies, it's almost 2 weeks I've been in Malaysia, but I felt like I done nothing much, I really wish can drag the time to stay longer here.

Anyway, I'm ready to resume my work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, maybe my next trip back will be permanent station in Malaysia if no more new project in Middle East. Let's wait and see what will happen next, nobody can predict it yet.



pisang goreng 115,NF said...

kenny bro.......
I also wish you can come back permanent and work in own soil......

art and vera said...

hey hey, happy cny to you too. so malaysia not too happening this new year eh? we missed cny big time here. bought new baju all but no chance to wear, because too sejuk... grrrr... i wan summer back! But we miss you very much

erinalaw said...

It was great to meet up with you. I have not been going to the stall for laksa quiet long liau. It's near my working place but very lazy to go. Thanks again for the camel. Actually, the person who like it most is my son. When he came back from school and saw that camel in my bag, he straight away smile and told daddy there is a camel in my bag. Then, me and hubby told him that it's a gift from friend. He replied, no it's mine camel. He loves animals alot. Now the camel become his belonging liau. Yesterday nite, sudah hide the camel away because the sister want to play with it.

Wyn said...

The laksa at the Peng Hwa Girl School nice kah? never try before...haha...

anyway, hope dat u can come back here permanently oh...!!!

Till then, take care

13th Panda said...

seem likes your 2 weeks holiday is just too short eh?I think my CNY holiday also short, hate it when think about work 'x'

Purple~MushRooM said...

We didn't catch up too :(
2 weeks is definitely too short, too fast. I miss home and family. I had some mild food poisoning too, but I didn't care, still continue eat a lot.

Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng]
I will... maybe not so soon yet

[art & vera]
This CNY not so happening as usual since you both left. Just managed to met up Ananth & Elina. We all really miss u both too.

Haha... Good la at least your children all like it.

Really nice lor... I prefer that than Air Itam market. Sure will be back in future.

[13th panda]
Haha.. Me different, I was hoping back to work ASAP pula this time.

Yalor... next time la, sure can meet again.

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