Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I think most of you already knew that the Dubai Race Course project has been terminated by the client from newspapers.

I'll not saying so much, you all can see from my previous posts about the project I involved, everybody also hard to believe we can do it so fast. But the client still wants to terminate us, to me it's about money, everyone can see that the client wants to kill us just to save their money and faces.

According to newspaper, we'd already completed 55% of overall progress and just left 5% for our scope, the rest 40% are Nominated Sub-Contractor scopes. It is true! How can they justify 5% balance work is delay? We expect to finish the 5% works the latest by March 2009. Our baseline program is to complete 100% by 7 Oct 2009!

We still have 10 months to go and we get terminated with very unfair ways. The consultants failed to deliver the designs on time and how to expect us to build it? After we build there will be lots of changes again and again! What is this?!!! Nobody understand the construction engineering, all the late confirmations expect us to complete it in very short period? Somemore they always find fault on minor issues and make it become big issues, how ridiculous!

I don't want to mention who are so unprofessional in this case, but I'm sure they won't last longer in this construction world. My working company is losing too much of money just because they won't pay us on what we've done! I believe in karma, god is watching them!

Right now I still stay in Dubai to help my working company and partner on necessary works to fight back our rights, I may not come back for this Chinese New Year, but I do hope I can come back for it, at least I got my holiday to rest.

I'll never forget it for the rest of my life, I've been involved with the tender, then kick start the project and run the project, now get terminated in unfair ways. I really upset on it, now the situation is Arabian kills Arabian, Malaysian kills Malaysian.

Damn It!!!


julieann said...


frostier said...

when the time comes, you will know what to do.

maybe not now.
the time will come.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

stay strong bro and gambatte!!!

Lan Rambai said...

Wish u luck... samannnn!!

Agnes said...

heard about it from my hubby...wish u luck!

Cruel Angel said...

I wish you luck kenny and i hope your company got a strong evidence in black & white.

From my years working in Dubai, malaysia company always has major weakness in contracts and letter writtings.

Things in Dubai dont work the Malaysian styles. everything can settle later. Things in dubai work the western way, BLACK & WHITE.

Msia are good in working but not in protecting their own ass.

NSC performances are the responsibilities of the main contractor, unless stated otherwise in the CONTRACT!

FL Sam said...

Kenny, I read this news in today's paper and WCT share has hit limited down with the cancellation of the project. I just about to comment and ask you whether it is the project you are working on. Sad to hear about the cancellation and I too believe in karma. The global financial meltdown has affected Meydan.

Take care and hope for the best.

leyaw said...

Bloody hell! Don't let them get away with this. And I thought the oil rich Arabians will not be affected by the economy crisis.

But i dun understand, why Arabian kills Arabian, Malaysian kills Malaysian? What does that mean?

Kenny Ng said...

Thank you

We already know what to do, just wait and see...

Thanks bro!

[Lan Rambai]
Terima kasih


[cruel angel]
Thanks mate. Anyway, not only Malaysian are weak in B&W, even the Arabs here also the same. They even did the works without instruction or approval.

Yes, the NSC is main-con responsibility, the problem here is all NSC were awarded late and all materials are long lead items, the consultants always thought the materials can get it anytime. They always keep changing the design and materials and all NSC were being squeezed like hell now, I don't know how long they can take it, some were pulling out from the project.

We are cool and know what to do. Arabs are having economy crisis now, everybody know about it.

Arabian kills Arabian mean the client is killing our JV partner. Malaysian kills Malaysian mean the consultants from Malaysia(client representative) is killing us.

Cruel Angel said...

If your guys has put all those in formal writtings accordingly, I am sure you can a good chance of winning.

especially, the late appointment of NSC

Good luck!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

here oso same kenny....

you know la.....


my bro oso last time is in construction job...

1/2 done ledi the main con refuse to bayar.

Huei said...

sigh..when i first heard about projects stopping in dubai i was like OMG KENNY!

good luck ok!! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!! U will get it!!!

Art nVera said...

hey so sorry to hear that my friend... Yup i believe in law... though they might not be able to pay you the whole nine yards, I am sure there would be some sort of compensation. Stay strong! It will pull through...

And as for those &*#($)# (fist showing and middle finger pointing upwards), karma or no karma, but they themselves know, double cutting people are not the right thing to do, and i reckon other construction companies will have their doubts working for them in the near future. As you always say, what goes around comes around.

Take care
Art & Vera

rainbow angeles said...

all the best, kenny!!

Kenny Ng said...

[cruel angel]
Yah, we know what to do now. Thanks

[pisang goreng]
In this line is very normal, but my case here involved with reputation.

Thanks... I really appreciated.

[Art & Vera]
Just wait and see, they are struggling now. We have strong backup now and if still fail we still will not give up. Anyway... I got an offer working in Canada wor... ok or not there?

[rainbow angeles]

erinalaw said...

Really unbelieveable when I read this. They are so duper rich but play this dirty stuff. TNMCH....... think it's very easy to work. I believe in Karma too. THey will have thier day. All the best to you!!!

Wyn said... can they treat you all like dat 1? So unfair..

Stay strong oh...wish you all the best!!!

Purple~MushRooM said...

Well, I can imagine the frustration as you started off and watched it grew to a level where you were so proud to be involved. And suddenly... this happens. Well, it's a cruel, cruel world out there. Dog eat dog. I hope you and your company will obtain justice and get back what rightfully belongs to you guys.

Kenny Ng said...

No need to hate them, just wait and see what will happen to them next.

It's all about money, they did this just to save their money. Thanks

We will obtained our justice, we never did it wrong, there is nothing to be feared. Thanks

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