Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life Goes On...

First of all I would like to thank all of you who has given wishes to me & my working company on the unlawful termination of my working project, currently we are working very hard to overcome this matter.

This will not to be the end of the world, as like my Managing Director said... 'Don't be upset, don't hate them, they won't feel it, we will only hurt ourselves if hate them. Stay strong and look forward, there are so many successes to be achieved in future. Take it as a good lesson'. I really want to put off my hat and salute him, even the bad situation now he still can stay strong. He knows that we'd fought so hard so far and this is not our failure.

Right now the project is taking over by consultants, it's not an easy task for a consultant to take over as a contractor job. Let's see how long they can manage it, man power is the priority for this project to coordinate the works, sources for building materials are not that easy to get here and it's not easy to deal with suppliers here.

Anyway, let's forget about it, right now I really have a hard feeling on all my colleagues who together for some time here, we are like best friends in this society, now suddenly all will gone to different directions. Normally in any projects, the transfer will by stages, so you won't feel so hard on it, now I really can't take it, I'll miss they all who will be transferred to different project site from me.

Last day at site office

Our strong team, for final gathering dinner...

It's easy to say goodbye to someone, because you'll meet the someone again in future. There is something that very hard for me to say goodbye to... that is our working project! I started the tender till kick start the project, growing with the project and now being terminated. There is no turning back unless miracle happens, or leave the company to join them. To me I'll never join them forever in my life, I rather to work in other fields if I'm jobless in construction field.


For your info, I'll be transferred to Abu Dhabi after my Chinese New Year holiday, that's the latest news I had, but I'll traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi dairy for work after this. I really scared when think about it, it takes more than 1 1/2 hours to work and back home, just like when I came here in first few months, I was traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for work. Company just rented apartments here with 1 year contract, so we have to stay in Dubai in order not to waste company's rental fee.

I was hoping company will send me back to Malaysia to work, but they still need more staffs in overseas, so I got no choice and have to accept it, it's better than jobless like others now days. Actually I'm pleased that I still got my job and I'm ready to take the new challenge now!

Keep Fighting!!!


may said...

good luck with your new position at abu dhabi! hope things keep turning out for the better for you.

Old Beng said...

Yes, keep fighting. 加油!!

Cruel Angel said...

I think if they dont sack u, they gonna sack their own staffs so they choose to save their own staffs. That's it!

it's not the end of the world. Experience like this will help in the future.

stay strong. Malaysia Boleh!

Zephyr said...

tambah minyak!!!

Huei said...

yeah!! be strong! they will have karma wan!!!!

leyaw said...

All the best to you in your new posting!

julieann said...


FL Sam said...

Miracle do happen. Never give up hope. During this bad economic situation, like you said, it is lucky to keep our job. Wish you are the best and Happy Chinese New Year in Dubai. :)

Wyn said...

All the best to you...stay strong oh..

Happy Chinese New Year in advance to you...!!!

K :y nno :D said...

bro, take it easy there !
1 1/2 hrs drive is nothing if u stay in PJ and work in KL.. my driving time is 1 1/2 hrs everyday .. only 22km and takes that long hours for me to get home... Take it easy! Cheers!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks, I wish that too...

[Old Beng]
Thanks bro

[Cruel Angel]
They are counting their day too, see how long they can hold it.


Yah... Thanks


Thanks again...

[FL Sam]
I'm coming back for CNY... Thanks

Thanks a lot

[K :y nno :D]
That is without jam on my side, if jam... I can't imagine that. Same to u...

zewt said...

even dubai is feeling the pressure eh?

anyway, Gong Hey Fatt Daiiiii Choy!

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