Sunday, December 28, 2008

View From Top

First of all I would like to wish all belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year to you all. I was damn busy recently due to work and no holiday at all during Christmas day.

This is my first time and also will be my last time to get a chance to go on top via tower crane in my current working site. I received an instruction from director to snap some site photo before end of the project. I always wish to go up to see the view from top, and now I got it!

Overall view

Hotel Atrium view

Massive works

Another overall view

Burj Dubai (tallest building in the world) as background

Tunnel works

Sunset view

Me hanging in the air

It was tiring but exciting experience to go up each tower cranes to get the nice view from top. The strong cold wind blowing all the time and I was so cold that time, but it was worth to go up to have a clear view for the project.

View From Top


Cruel Angel said...

So u r working for TAK?

I heard that they have a list of 70! Anytime...

Good luck

FL Sam said...

Wow, this project is huge. Cant imagine that the economy of Dubai can support so many mega projects. :)

Purple~MushRooM said...

Is it scary up there? How is your project given the economy situation now? said...

The project is ending?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

If it was me?
I can't do it...... i afraid of height.

it fell like heart dropped woh.....
but it is vey nice view up they
If you got chance again.
make sure take alotsa picture.

I hope you got restday in Awal Muharam
and hope
you have a holiday in NEW YEAR.

julieann said...

WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! really is massive works on going leh!!!! eh but why this is the 1st and last time u can go up there ar??

Zephyr said...

Happy year 2009

Wyn said...

Wah...really massive projects....but its progressing kinda fast to d last few post of urs about the project...

Anyway, Happy New Year to you!!!

Wennn said...

Happy New Year to U, Kenny....Big big projects for U, huh??? Well U take care and wish you a prosperous new year..

Anonymous said...

hey kenny,
happy new year to you and i think by now it should be happy chinese new year to you. so when are you going back to tanah melayu?


leyaw said...

How I wish I can do that. I have always wanted to climb up to the top of a crane tower but never had the chance to do so, haih....

Been reading your blog from time to time but its my first time leaving a comment here. Reason was because I was reading theStar online and saw this news about the cancellation of a racecourse project in Dubai. My first thought was "Oh no, Kenny is working in that project!". So, how is the situation now? Are you going to remain in Dubai?

Kenny Ng said...

[Cruel Angel]
I'm working with this big cheater TAK.

[FL Sam]
Dubai has stopped so many mega projects, this project also affected with financial crunch. Now we are the victims.

I'm not scare of height. Dubai financial status are not so good shape now.

Not, but something bad is happening to us.

[pisang goreng]
Just try don't think it is high, but it's hard to overcome it if someone afraid of height.
Awal Muharam I still went back to work, I really forgot what is holiday.

Coz we are in trouble now

Not a happy year to me.

Same to you but I'm not that happy this year.

I don't know now, maybe have to stay back to fight and can't go back for CNY now.

The situation is we have to move out. I'll still in Dubai for the being time to help company to get all necessary info to fight back our rights. The client just tried to cover their face (due to financial problem) and just terminated us, so we are doing for free to them!

Netster said...

Happy new Year Kenny!

This is really impressive building. Sorry to hear about your situation... hope everything will work out fine for you.

anyway, I am losing job myself :)

Cheers buddy

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