Friday, October 17, 2008

So Crabby

Despite I still waiting my new accommodation, last night I joined my colleagues went to an island in Umm Al Quwain for catch crabs and BBQ session.

The trip was from midnight to early morning, we have to take a boat to reach the island. The weather now is not so bad since it's going to be winter soon. The wind blow is quite cold sometimes, and lots of people also went to the island for crabby trip.

Group photo before started crabby session

BBQ session

The chefs

I was busy to snap some photos and never really join as chef.

The moon

This time I use 18x zoom (486mm) plus with 3x of digital zoom to get the closer look of the moon. I was using Manual mode, F: 8, Speed: 125, ISO: 100.

The crabs

Sea cucumber

During low tide, my colleagues managed to catch more crabs, some of them even found sea cucumber there. Many don't know that is sea cucumber which is quite expensive, got few foreigner came to ask what the hell is that?

Crab + sea cucumber

The seaside during morning time

Morning view

The seaside view

Hermit crab

Hermit crabs

Another group photo during end of crabby session

Some of them were too tired... haha

Leaving the island

I'm quite happy with this trip, at least we all were having lots of fun, lots of laughter and lots of actions. At least I can relax my mind and forget about my accommodation problems. This is the 1st time ever we all self-organised this kind of activities together with all colleagues, I wish to have more of activities among all colleagues to get closer on team work relationships.



day-dreamer said...

The beach looks very nice!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

that sea cucumber they BBQ-it kar?

kat said...

Sounds like fun! Is this place suitable for children? So only catch crab and BBQ, no need to sleep ah? Do they have accommodation there?

Wyn said... ler...d beach so clean and nice...

eh, dhl some sea cucumber back laa...since they duno how precious it is there...keke..=P

the moon cantik lor...big big 1

rainbow angeles said...

glad to know at least u r having some fun in the midst of all the problems... :-)

erinalaw said...

Crabs.......... yum yum. The sea cucumber look abit wat tut lor. Like ........... you know lar

tanalan2 said...

Nice picture of da moon !!! Eii..Y no pic of the cooked crabs ??

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Kenny, glad you are having some fun there. Is the sea cucumber alive? Can they move? Are they animals or plants?

Kenny Ng said...

Just some angle look nice.

[pisang goreng]
Not goreng it la

Yes... it's suitable for children. Just stay at the beach to play some activities there.

The sea cucumber dunno is safe to eat or not la. When we took home it shrinks down lor.

[rainbow angeles]
Must always happy even got problem ma

Like what? hehehe

Was busy eating and forgot to snap BBQ crab pics

They are animals, it moves very slow.

narrowband said...

Looks very fun! The last shot is cool!

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