Saturday, September 13, 2008

World Largest Horse Racing Course

I'm sure everyone of you must always think which project I'm involve with in Dubai, this post will be my first ever post to reveal the project I'm working with.


This project is located in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project named as Meydan Race Course and the client is Meydan LLC.

I think you all will not believe how can an Islamic country have such a huge horse racing course, let me tell you all, horse racing is the most prestige sport in UAE, they held the Horse Racing World Cup every year. It's not mean for gambling like horse racing in other countries.

Meydan Race Course

Total Development Area: 76 million square feet
Race Track: Dirt & Turf
Attendance: Approximately 60,000
Grandstand Building Length: 1km
Car Park Wing Span: 1.3km
Car Park Spaces: 10,000 spaces

This race course is a fast track project, we are now working all out to meet the completion target. This race course is targeted to open for the 2010 Dubai World Cup.

The building consists of World Class Hotel, Goldophine Gallery - Horse Museum and Imax Theater, World Class Grandstand and Boathouse. For boathouse it will have a man made canal connect to Dubai Creek to allow boats to enter to the race course.

Here are some pictures I took by using my new toy LUMIX DMC-FZ28...

Part of Hotel

Overall View from Hotel to Grandstand

West Side View

East Side View

West Side Condition

East Side Condition


View from Boathouse

Panorama View

Currently, this will be the world largest horse racing course. As we know, Dubai buildings always want to be world class such as world tallest, largest, longest, special and so on... Recently they announced going to build the first ever rotating building in the world. All these man made features will be the most challenging tasks in this engineering world.

Meydan Race Course


k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Whoa!!! So big!!!

Wyn said... big leh...

so, d rotating building is real ar? i tot tipu tipu nia ler...

Anyway, we can still see our Kimi for 2 more years...hehe =P

Chen said...

wah.. never expect u r involved with the huge horse racing course project in Dubai.


day-dreamer said...

Wah, at first glance (before reading your title) I thought it's some F1 track. LOL!

FL Sam said...

Wow, this project is huge and impressive. Nice pictures from your new toy. :)

FL Sam said...

Wow, this project is huge and impressive. Nice pictures from your new toy. :)

Yinsi Yat said...

Next they're going to have the world largest camel racing course. kakakaka

Wyn said...

Dat baby dun respect others 1..once he even said that he`s no number 2 even if put him beside Schumi...

Haih...padan lor, get 15th today...hehe..but our Kimi..O.o

Wonder how today`s race gonna be...=)

Anyway, Happy Mid-Autumn to u...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

nice pictures bro....

yeah indeed UAE wants to be No. 1 in world now...

and Wyn it's true UAE have rotating building
If you got astro discovery channal 551
they documentary the story

cc said...

Wow, MEGA project! That is huge!

art & vera said...

woi... dont care about horse racing lah... rick wright just died man....
sigh~!!!!.... no more pink floyd reunion...

he has join the great gig in the sky..


art & vera.

Kenny Ng said...

yah... bigger than your kukujiao :P

The rotating building is real one.

I also never expect I'll involve in this kind of project

We also doing F1 track in Abu Dhabi, next year can see the race there.

[fl sam]
Thanks, so... still want to get 1000D? Just think about it.

[yinsi yat]
Already have...

He just managed to get no.7, anyway... many drivers complain about that baby's driving behavior.
Thanks, same to u

[pisang goreng]
What they have is money, so everything must better than others, too bad their attitude are no match with others.

Yah... it is

FUCK!!! What the hell!!! I really can't believe it, there goes my dream to watch Pink Floyd reunion... Damn it!

RIP Rick

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Your CV also damn good now. All world class project. Hehe.

janicepa said...

i was about to ask.. horse race ?? islam can gamble meh ?? manatau.. owh.. suka-suka only..

too much money !!..

why so unfair wan ???

ikanbilis said...

i thought judi haram wan?

Kenny Ng said...

No la, only this one consider world class.

It's not suka suka la... It's a world sport la

It's not for judi la, it's for sport la

QuaChee said...

wow dubai is really going full steam into being a world class city! hope to go there someday, though i heard the rooms are very expensive.

Kenny Ng said...

Yah, the rooms rate here at least RM500 above per night, that only about 2-3 star hotel only.

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