Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Day

I'm in my hometown now!!! Yes, I ate lots of hawker foods these few days and my stomach quite upset most of the time... Hahaha. Anyway, according to my parents, Butterworth never rain for some time, and now it's finally rain during my trip back to Malaysia, they said I brought home rain, which is good sign for everyone.

I always love rainy days, too bad in Dubai I only got to see rain only once a year. This time, I really enjoy the rain although some roads were flooded by rain water. I love the sound of water which make my mind relax and also refreshing my mind.

Rain Water Splashing on Floor

Rain Drops

Laundry Area

This type of Naco window really gave me lots of memory, I used to view out from this window during rainy days.

Rain Drops on Roof

Broken Rain Down Pipe

Broken Gutter

Rain Water on Cable

Water Splashing on Leafs

Rain Water on Leafs

Till now, the rain still non stop, but I'm enjoy the moment by having a cup of coffee, relaxing my mind before going back to 'sand jungle' which I can't see this kind of scene.



Wyn said...

welcome back wor...raining nice eh?cold cold...nice to sleep...hehe..=P

Wyn said...

btw, nice pictures...

day-dreamer said...

Yeah, today morning the rain suddenly pour. So damn syiok! Hehe.

De Pianist said...

eh i like the rain water on the feels nostalgic to me though,don't know why.haha.

cc said...

Good to be home!
I find comfort in the sound of heavy rains too! Don't get heavy rains like that over here. One of the many things I miss.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

enjoy your horny-day bro

art & vera said...

i jealous lah.. kanneh can eat char koew teow, hokkien mee, jawa mee, nasi lemak, nasi kandar... arrgghhhh~!!!...

anyway enjoy ur holiday man... there is really no place like home, no matter how fucked up malaysia is nowadays, its still home sweet home... kalii meeeeeee....sigh~!

art.. said...

welcome home

Kenny Ng said...

Yah, so nice with the rain. Thanks

Hehehe... really siok

[de pianist]
The cable... maybe u used to climb the cable? LOL

Yeah, We really miss many things when aboard, nothing can compare with home sweet home

[pisang goreng]
No chance for me to horny la bro... LOL

Yah, I agree that, foods from sweet home still the best after all. U just few months away already beh tahan? Hahaha... Sabar my friend. U can cook the foods there too right? How's life anyway?


erinalaw said...

I have been enjoying the rain too. Yesterday was so cool and no need to one the aircond when I go to bed.............. save electricity. Hahaha...... You have been having good time in Bworth har with the good food. I told hubby about your visit and he want to take you for Hokkien Mee. One of the best in Penang. To me, it's the best I ever try beside the one from Balik Pulau. You can drink the soup too and don't worry you will get thirsty later. Looking forward to see you..........

kat said...

I can see you really miss the rain. So many shots of it!! Your parents got stare at you for snapping photos of windows and roof ah?? :D

Eat and drink all you can, until jelak if possible. Then you won't miss it so much when you get back here. When I was back, I ate nasi lemak almost everyday!! I only ate dim sum once, and now I am pining for it!! :D

art's wife said...

hihi, well take more pictures of penang and of course the gastronomic food and let us poor souls salivate a bit here. we are doing fine if not a little bored. I guess you would be the best person to understand our predicament. while you get sand there, we get snow. not yet but it will come pretty soon. while you are back home, please kick those blardy gobernmen people in the a**es for me for putting us 3 billion miles away from a place we call home. teng kiu...

art's wife

janicepa said...

welcome home... hm.. looking at those pic make me wanna sleep dy ...

cold cold de...

Pete said...

Nice pics. Ha Ha, B'worth, same hometown as me. LOL. Got ur link from quaint melody blog.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I learnt some new words from this post. I didn't know that thing is called gutter or down pipe. Hehehe. Really nice pics. Me too had stomach discomfort since first day I came back. Ate too much I guess. Hehe.

libpuritan said...

love the photos. usually, rain is represented as dreary and lazy -- but you went out and let those creative juices flow. =)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Rainy day pokeing day! Very nice to be back in boleh land!
BTW u take awesome pic!
Have a very nice day!

Old Beng said...

Bautiful photo taken on rainy days, nice.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for the ingredients, nice meeting u too, this time really had a long chat hor? When I go back I'll try to cook with your ingredients to make everyone lau hau sui... hehehe

My mom laugh at me when I climb up then squad down to snap pics. I really had enough of foods now, go back Dubai have to keep fit already... haha

[art's wife]
Well, I think u'll do the same when u get back to Malaysia for holiday. Anyway, we all already kicked 'them' out, we'll see it another few years time, maybe that time we can come back for good.

Haha... got sleep or not?

Ic.. what a small world. Welcome here anyway...

In SH now? Did you enjoy the trip back? I did... Now don't feel want to go back la.

Welcome here and thank you very much

[hor ny ang moh]
Haha... Know u'll said that. Thanks

[old beng]
Thanks bro

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