Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Holiday Trip

Time really flies, in 2 days time I'm going fly back to my battle field in Dubai again. This holiday trip back Malaysia was so wonderful to me, met up with many of my old buddies in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

The day I touched down to Penang, my parents and relatives came to Penang International Airport picked me up, the first thing we did were eat hawker foods! Without any hesitation, I ordered Char Koay Teow, it was my first dish when I stepped down in Penang.

In Penang, I managed to snap some scenes along the journey...

Old Building... I miss this kind of scene

Heritage Buildings Surrounding KOMTAR

Another View... Used to walk along the street during school time

During my trip in Kuala Lumpur, it was my most busiest moment for my holiday, I met up with my ex-colleagues, then my current colleagues, friends, and also blogger friends.

Finally I met up with Purple~Mushroom (Aigie), My Memory Land (Deisy), & Eileen, at the same time I also met up a new friend Eric Chua a nice person to chit chat with.

Eric Chua, Aigie, Deisy, Eileen & Myself

It was a nice meeting, we were having a good laugh till the Secret Recipe close shop we only left the place.

The next evening met up with my bloggers buddies... Wingz, Dale, CK Yeoh, Golfnick & Wei Hann. We were chit chat till 3am morning, that night I was having a difficulty to get a hotel room, all hotels in KL & PJ were fully booked!!! Luckily Wingz taikor offered me to overnight in his place. I really appreciated with his help, without his help I may sleep at road side on that night.

That is what we called friends for, when got difficulty they will stood up and help me. Wingz taikor, I owe you a lot! For the rest of the gang, thank you for helping me to find out all hotels on that night, I was so desperate to find a place to stay, and I'm so sorry for screwed up the first few hours just for looking for hotels.

On Saturday night, I managed to met up my long long old best buddies in Backyard Pub which used to be my hanged out place for live bands. The place has been renovated and the bands also changed a lot. Anyway, we were having a good time there.

My best old buddy-rocker... Ananth

Ananth... your baby boy is sooooooooooooo cute! I'm so happy to see him. Remember to guide him to be our next generation of rocker yah! Haha...

With my best buddy... Kelvin

My old best friend -ex housemate - ex colleague... Kalai

With my all buddies...

Please take note that the girl sat beside me is not my girl har... She's my buddy's wife la... Too bad we still lack of another 2 kaki... Arthur & Vera, we really miss you both here.

Yesterday I met up with Erina Law, we were having a long long chat this time. Thanks for the Nonya Sambal & Penang Hokkien Mee ingredients, I'll try to cook it when I back to Dubai. See if I got time to snap the pics I'll blog it out ok? Now days I cook everyday for dinner in Dubai, if I blog about cooking, my blog will become cooking blog lor... haha.

So sorry for others who I did not manage to meet up, my schedule was so tide and I don't have a good sleep at all during my KL trip.

So... In this 2 days time, I'll try to meet up all my high school old friends which still keep in touch. Everyone of them invited me to see their babies... Sigh... I just can show them my fat tummy now instead of own family which I don't have yet... Haha.

Miss You All!!!


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It was really fun chit chatting that night. Take good care and looking forward to another meet up, perhaps during CNY. :)

Art's Wife said...

hi there,

sigh those pictures make us wished we were there laah especially the backyard one. Listening to Mr. TightPants sing is better than watching deers here. :P

well when you come back to malaysia again who knows we might all gather together-gether in backyard again.

erinalaw said...

Time flies so fast and you are going back to work. When I ask you to blog about the food you cook, you tell me the same thing, you don't want your blog to end up as a food blog. I am waiting to see how you use that paste. hehehe............. Like you say, to are very busy when you are back here and now I want to book you for your next holiday back here. This time, I will call Lilian to join us. Ahem............ remember my camel hor. Hehehe........ Have a joyful journey back to Dubai and till I see you next year. If you got promotion then, we go for seafood dinner liau har?

Clare said...

Long time no see! Hope you are doing great! :D

cc said...

It's good to be home maving rounds and rounds of meetings. I always ended up exhausted but excited. :)

Kenny Ng said...

You too take good care, see yah.

[art's wife]
Yeah, we were talking bout u both, less 2 kaki not much fun la. I visited Ananth's son, he's so cute and going to be our next generation of rocker... hehehe.

I'm sure we'll have chance to meet together not only in Backyard :)

Will see how I cook it... hehehe. Camel ah? Impossible to bring the real one la.

I'm fine... thanks

Yeah, it was tired but nice.

Huei said...

miss u too!!! take cares!!!!!!

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