Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Dubai Airport

Yes! I'm in Dubai International Airport now, but got a bad news, my flight was scheduled boarding on 6.40pm UAE time now have to postponed to 8.15pm. So I'll reach Malaysia later than earlier schedule.

I'll definitely miss my KL - Penang flight on 10.30am tomorrow, MAS crews told me they'll replace my connecting flight on 11.50am. I hope they keep their promise, if not I'll going to make complaint on in.

Since I got extra approximately 2 hours in Dubai International Airport, me and colleagues went to a pub in the airport. Yes, I'm posting this post in The Irish Village in Dubai International Airport.

Inside Irish Village Dubai International Airport

My blog with Guinness Stout

Now only 6.20pm UAE time, I felt so sleepy now since I was full swing on my work these few days, last night I work till 12.30am, today rushing all my work before I hand over some work to other colleagues.

I'm Coming Home!!!


day-dreamer said...

Welcome back (in advance)! Haha.

rainbow angeles said...

woot! welcome home!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

welcome back bro!!!!

make sure not just eat your favourate food but try learn to cook it.

cc said...

I totally hate delay! Once waited for 3 hours for Qantas flight, it was a bad bad day!

sugarbaby said...

remember our lunch/dinner time...haha..

Kenny Ng said...


[rainbow angeles]

[pisang goreng]
Thanks, I cook a lot while I'm in Dubai la

Yah... I had experience for 8 hours!

Sure I'll remember

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