Monday, August 04, 2008

Shifting Again

This few days I was busy with shifting my accommodation again, and this will be my 7th time shifting accommodation in a year that I working in Dubai.

My working company's management decided to shift some of staffs to another accommodation due to my previous accommodation have to give away to 'Manager' level to stay, so myself just as a little 'slave' have to move out from the villa.

Just to refresh back my 1st day landed in UAE, I was staying in Abu Dhabi and went to Dubai for work everyday. That time just few of key staffs for the project I'm working for, so the management asked us to stay in a high class hotel apartment in Dubai.

After a week, they shifted me back to Abu Dhabi, then I stayed back at the 1st villa I stayed. Next few days later, due to too many other staffs stayed in that villa, they shifted me to another villa, after few days I shifted to another room in the same villa, that became my 4th time shifting in a month.

About 2 months later I shifted to another villa in Dubai, I thought that will be my 'last resort' since the management said no more changes. Who knows after that the villa have to let all muslim staffs to stay, so we non-muslim have to move out. They found a better place for us, but we were suffered without permanent electricity supply, we were living with generator powered for basic use only, air conditioner still not complete to be used, luckily that time was in winter, so we still don't need it. 2 months later we only got the fully power supply and air conditioner was working well right on time before beginning of summer.

Now... I really tired when I heard I have to move again, I was so comfort with the previous place, but what to do? As I mentioned I'm just a little 'slave' here, so I have to move out together with other colleagues. I hope this will be my really 'last resort' to stay in this villa, it's really tired to clean up the new place, shifting my stuffs and rearrange it all over again. Let's see how is the arrangement next...

For your info, houses in UAE is called 'Villa', is not like villas we see in Malaysia which is luxury and complete with maids services, we have to survive like students staying together in a rental house.

Not Again!!!


day-dreamer said...

Oh no, that's bad news to hear.

Hmm... perhaps you might wanna consider taking it as a blessing in disguise? =/

may said...

that's quite a hassle. hmmmm... can you rent your own place and claim back later? so you won't have to move so much!

cc said...

How are you guys going to feel even a little at home if they keep doing that! It's really not acceptable.

sugarbaby said...

y always move geh? haha~ anywya, my friend is working in bahrain and never heard tht he needs to change their accomdation to one weird geh...@@"

Maverick SM said...

Every few months you stay in a new house and still complaining ah?

You so lucky!

julieann said...

walau ehhhh... shift so many times really damn sien 1... next time ur boss say shift again, u tell ur boss this...


hehehehehe.. lighten up ya!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Your boss... crazy fella. You should cast a voodoo spell on him.. let his kukujiao burn!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

come back here to work........

and make sure the company that you choose dun have outsea market.

Ellone said...

HAH ! So ke lian ....
Luckily i can choose my own house at Macau here, but have to pay own rental lo =(, and it's not cheap!

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Kenny Ng said...

I dunno lor

No such policy with my working company

Yah, really unacceptable

My working company's management damn teruk la

[maverick sm]
I don't like to move so often once I comfortable with a place.

I wish to say that from the start

LOL... KKJ burn? Good idea

[pisang goreng]
Come back to work will suffer wor... I rather go far further which in my mind now

Can expensive than in Dubai?

Thanks, will email you the details to you.

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