Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunset View At Nad Al Sheba

This post was pending for quite some time, since I don't have any new idea to blog something interesting, here I post up a quite boring post about sunset nearby my working construction site.

These pictures were taken weeks ago during on my way home, me and my colleague decided to stop by and snap some sunset pictures. I was using sunset mode to get more 'sunset' effects on the pictures.

Dubai Skyline View

This picture shows that how tall is the world tallest building (Burj Dubai) compare to other high rise buildings surrounding it.

The High Tension Cables

I always love the silhouette effect from the back lighting, the effect always gives me a very peaceful and relax feeling.

The Sunset

The above picture was taken on maximum zoom from my camera (504mm), that's the advantage of the power zoom and 'Optical Image Stabalizer' features from my camera. I wasn't use tripod to get this shot.



Zephyr said...

romantic gila until I wish I was there with my gf/wife but I still dun have any

Chev said...

sunset pict/post is definitely not boring. In fact, it's interesting.

Nice shot :)

Agnes said...

nice sunset picture

_butt said...

wowww.... beautiful... *dreamy*

Sasha said...


Chev said...

Happy Birthday Kenny
time really flies..
I still remember your post regarding your 30th birthday a year ago.. :D

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday, Kenny!

So fast one year liao. Remember last time you celebrated with nyonyapenang... hehe.

Huei said...

wooh!! nice salty egg yolk! =D

Kenny Ng said...

I also dun have any ma...


Thanks... so wanna get the same camera?

Wake up!!! Dun dream... :P


Thanks again... haha, yeah time really flies.

Thanks. Yeah, I still remember, that was a nice & fun dinner

Want to eat? LOL

Jace said...

real sun???? :P

Kenny Ng said...

Fake in the pic of coz

janicepa said...

ei.. ur birthday ka ?? tak cakap pun !!.. btw.. HAppy Belated Birthday lor.. kekeke

that pix very "lum" ar.. i see already i terus melt.. kekeke...

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... I never tell one la... Thanks!

Melted ledi? Become liquid jor? :P

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