Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Moon

Have you ever tried to snap moon's picture? Here I give a simple tip to you all how to snap a moon picture properly.

If you are using compact digital camera or DSLR, try not to use 'Night Scene' or 'Night Mode'. If your camera does have manual setting on speed and aperture, try use the same setting as you snap a scene during noon time by using manual mode.

Below here is an example I took on moon by using ISO 100, 1/125 speed and F 8.0 with my camera setting. It will be an advantage if your camera has power zoom, my camera maximum zoom up to 504mm (18x) so I can get a bigger image of the moon.

The Moon

Too bad my camera doesn't support the aperture up to F 11, if has, it will be more detail. The reason why we have to use high speed and low aperture to snap the moon, it is because moon light is reflected by sunlight, so it will be the same setting from our camera during daylight time.

So, are you going to try it out tonight? No worry or you can forget about the tripod as you're using the high speed shutter. Good Luck yah!

The Moon Light


_butt said...

very useful tip there. thanks for sharing! more to come? :D

btw, how's your birthday celebration over there? :)

Eileen said...

Once again, Happy belated birthday! Thanks for the photography tips and yes photography is very addictive!

Nice moon pic captured!

sun,moon&star said...

heheheee you trying to snap me ar?

erinalaw said...

Where is the cow???? Like the rhymes my son always sing....

Hey diddle diddle
The cow jump over the moon.

Nice pic!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah lau eh.... you finally started blogging again after MIA for sometime. Good to see you back in action!

Jace said...

real moooooon?

Huei said...

wah nice one! kit lens cannot zoom so much >.<

julieann said...

huwahhhhhhhhh!!! geng wor!!!! i didnt know a normal digital camera can snap such a nice pic leh!!! eh next time buy more geng chao zoom camera!!! i wan see clearer moon can?!!?!?!?! :D

CruelAngel said...

Good take....

shld try out more setting to show the different mah!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... More? Wait lor... when got time. I never celebrate la

Thanks again... :)

Is that your naked pic? :P

I never sing that song wor...

yalor... good to be alive again

Fake in the pic of course

Go buy 1... u can 1... kekeke

Can... get telescope lor :P

Just a tip, not a lesson ma

kpliong73 said...

I miss moon cake!!!

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