Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Night Scene of Emirates Towers

Went for photo hunting again weeks ago with my another colleague who influence by me about photography. Once again I'm using manual mode for my own favorite setting on speed and aperture.

This time we went to few spots just to snap some shots on Emirates Towers which is a most famous landmark of Dubai.

View From Dubai International Financial Centre

View From Sheikh Zayed Road

View From Dubai International Exhibition Centre

I like this view because the world tallest building (Burj Dubai) is in between the Emirates Towers.

The City of Lights

Along Sheikh Zayed Road, the New Dubai Skyline

I still not satisfy with some shots, I forgot to bring along my lens cover which can block the lighting that cause glazing in my pictures.

*p/s: Please take note that I'm not using DSLR, for those who thinking to get DSLR, better think twice. It doesn't mean only DSLR can get nice shots, the only important thing is you have to know the basic theory and more experiments in the art of photography.

Emirates Towers


day-dreamer said...

Nice night view leh! ;)

_butt said...

totally agree with you. it's all about the right skills yeah? :)

nice nice...

janicepa said...

actually .. dubai is really a nice place hor.. despite the weather lah ...

so blardy RICH !!

Zephyr said...

I wanna go Dubai 4 vacation!!!GRRR

Kenny Ng said...


Yeah... and also experiences

I tell u la... they r rich but not that civilise

Come come... haha

CruelAngel said...

DSLR is lot more flexible!

Cheers... good picture there :)


IN Dubai only can take building picture lol! NOTHING NATURAL !


Huei said...

dubai have lots of nice buildings!!! but i agree with cruelangel..no nature..all civilization >.<

still..a very nice place to visit..if have the *kAChiNg* la! =P

Anonymous said...

nice night shot!

Shopaholicfern said...


Kenny Ng said...

Yes if you are using high-end DSLR, those lower range is not what I wanted, but I can't afford to get a high-end DSLR so I just get a versatile digicam.

After u visit u'll never want to visit again lor... I can bet with u



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