Thursday, April 10, 2008

Desert Safari Trip

Finally got chance to experience one of the attraction activities in desert. Last month me and a group of colleagues went for Desert Safari in Dubai. It was so exciting when we were in a 4 x 4 traveled along the sand dune, the feeling was like having roller coaster in the desert.

The Challenge

Other Groups in Desert Safari

That time I can see many types of characters from colleagues, some were scared, some were cool, and some were excited, and... I was the one with the cool, I some more asked the driver to drive more faster... LOL

In the Middle of Desert

After the excitement moment, the organiser brought us to night camp for dinner and for night activities. I was trying out the Arabian costume and got a Chinese man from China thought I'm from Middle East,... I was... #@$&*)^@% in my heart and told him "I'm from Malaysia Lah!!!".

I Look Like Arabian Meh?

Then during the dinner, every (hamsap lou) will eyes on the 'Belly Dancer', some of the hamsap lou also tried to get into the dance floor to dance with the dancer.

One of Hamsap Lou Dance with the Belly Dancer

Now is going to summer time, the weather here is getting hotter and hotter day by day, that's why we can't wait more longer to go for this desert safari before the peak of summer. Anyway, I still not satisfy with the package, they started the sand dune adventure quite late, we really not happy with that.

Desert Safari


Parqueeuropeo said...

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I don't write in English very well because I'm Spanish and I'm learning it. If you come to my blog write something easy, OK.

day-dreamer said...


Still look like Chinese lo. Hahaha!

clement said...

looks like a lot of fun. i wished to apply for work, any firm could you recommend? i'll graduate next year, but kinda on a job hunt already.

art... said...

aiseh bro... al-habee beeee...
u never try their arabian guitars?.
got 6 string one also... see can play smoke on the water on it or not...hahaha

angeles said...

kakaka.. u look like a cina arab!!

seefei said...

didnt use your giant zoom on the ham sap lou & the belly dancer. i dont mind if you crop out the sky light, cos i am a ham sap lou also :-)

_butt said...

lol. because you're in Arabian attire, that's why he thought you're from Arab also lo kekeke

kat said...

Yerr.. I still haven't got a chance to go yet!! Now have to wait until end of the year!

You wear the ladies' full costume, guarantee everyone will think you are Arab woman... hahahahaha

Nine3 Nine3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nine3 Nine3 said...

Woi..why got a lady behind you dress up ??..what you two did and where are you actually la??

Anonymous said...

hey hey my old friend,

you should have been the one with the exotic belly-licious dancers. then learn a trick or two come back to malaysia can open studio dee. Then you see chicks flocking in and begging you to teach em a thing or two. Neeways I am glad to know that you are having the time of your life there despite the stress and the workload.


yuking said...

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Min-Hui said...

ha ha

May be you look like ABC, Arab Born Chinese.

Ha... the costume reminds me the Dubai airport. These people slept all around the floor, from under the chair to behind the chair.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you look like lawrence of arabian lor..


laundryamah said...

very funny lor, u in the arabian suit! hahahaa

Marsha M said...

got holiday, got safari, don't complain di lor.....most of us here stuck in drill of daily life. Most of the 'excitement' we get is from being stuck in traffic jam, man!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hahaha u look so cute in the arabian suit!

CruelAngel said...

You are lucky that your belly dancer was sexy!

I went 2 times... all so... FAT!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for dropping by... ok will do it when I got my internet access at home ok?

Yalor... haha

I dare not recommend, work in overseas never been fun.

Yah habee bee... I'll try it out if got chance... hmmm... can play Pink Floyd songs alos hor? LOL


[see fei]
I'm hamsap lou too... too bad the belly dancer is too old la.. :P

Nolah... everyone were trying out there ma

Ladies 1 ah? I scare kena rape la... LOL

[nine3 nine3]
All were trying to dress up like Arabian there la... it's a small corner for everyone to try it.

Aiyoyoyo... Learn that ah? Dunwan la... Apa macam la u?

Sure or not? Are you sick?

Never seen they sleep in toilet? :P

[pisang goreng]
Where got wor?


[marsha m]
Me here traffic jam all the time also la, worst than KL lor

Ha???!!! Are you kidding?

That belly dancer old already la

julieann said...

huahhhhhhh... seems fun wor!!! i wan!!!!! eh u dun look like arabian but..... u also dun quite look like malaysian.. :D hahahahahaha...

eh then u didnt go dance with the belly dancer meh??? :D

FL Sam said...

You look like and Arab. !!! Desert safari very shiok wan, I tried it some years ago at Dubai too. But I think I would prefer the Belly Dancing more. :)

Min-Hui said...

did they sleep in the toilet??? I might miss it coz I was giving courage to sleep on floor at the Dubai Airport :P So I was so focusing to sleep...didn't aware of anything else besides what I could see within my "bird view"

Eileen said...

desert safari~ I love the rides~~~ Haha... you look like an chinese wannabe arabian guy :P

erinalaw said...

bila lu sudah jadi arab humsap loh???? wahahaha

janicepa said...

hahaha.. u looked so weird in those clothing..

Kenny Ng said...

Of coz I always look like Malaysian ma... No la, I don't dance

[fl sam]
haha... Too bad I don't interested in dancing

Nolah... I was just kidding, If u saw them sleep in toilet mean u went into gent's toilet lor? LOL

Apalah... I dunwan be la...

I always the hamsup ma... haha

Hahaha... yalor

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! Your pic in the arabian baju is so funny!!!!

Johan Silver said...

DESERT SAFARI IN DUBAI is a great fun place i like it so much.

Edward said...

Dubai Desert Safari one of the best location for the trip i love it very much

Sajith Raju said...

Desert Safari Dubai one of the best thing where you can enjoy your trip of Dubai..

Angelica said...

I love your blog. Nice color you have choosen awesome shots,Dubai Desert Safari

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