Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sand Storm View

These pictures were taken weeks ago during heavy sand storm in my working place, I can't imagine I've sucked how much of sand into my body. I only can stand for few minutes in the construction site then I went back to my desk in office.

The air quality here is very bad, I'm trying not to do much outdoor activities during sand storm happened here.

Blur vision

It's not cover by fog, it's by fine sand!!!

Very Low Visibility

I was more worried about my camera, the fine sand can damage my camera if I exposed it too long in this condition. After snap some pictures, I quickly keep clean up my camera. I was wearing safety goggle too, if not I can even can open my eyes.

Sand Attack!!!


Min-Hui said...

That's really bad ler!!!

janicepa said...

aiyo... my fren works in Sudan told me b4.. sand attack can be very bad... cover up the building oso can ...

i wonder if the emirates tower or the burj ever been attack ???

Huei said...

wohH!! damn bad weather! take carees!!! of ur camera =P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

sand storm also some say is
sand blast...
izzit true?

kat said...

Fuyoh, like covered in snow liddat!! Luckily over here not so bad. Now you know why the arabs wear scarves and veil. Ppl have valid reason for that.

_butt said...

eh but then still got people working down there (in the pic) geh? not dangerous?

laundryamah said...

alamak! if kena the eyes sure pain pain ler... take care man! remember don't open ur mouth for too long oso skali the sand can go in!! hahahaha

Kenny Ng said...


They're being attacked too, but not so bad like what your friend said.

Of course I will... Hahaha

[pisang goreng]
Sand blast for my understanding is a technical term to 'sand blast' the steel rebars from rust or debris.

Yah... It's true

Yah... I really pity them, the work can't be stopped.

I breath in more than I eat lor... Don't know how long I can stand with it.

kpliong73 said...

I've experiance the worst case when I was working at Doha, July 2006. I can even heard the sound of sands "blasting" the doors & windows glass when the wind was blew.

Insanity said...

so scary, thats the power of nature. Its unstopable. Thanks God theres no Sand Storm here in the Philippines.

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