Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nokia Firmware Update Cheating Customers!

Last week I was searching for Nokia mobile phone's firmware update, I was just do a little favor for my colleague who planned to buy a Nokia phone in Dubai, the problem is all the mobile phone selling here without Chinese character support.

Nokia Firmware Update Page

My colleague wants to buy the same model with my Nokia 6300, so I just tried to update the firmware from Malaysia Nokia website to see have any Chinese character support or not, after I updated, my Nokia mobile firmware has been updated to v5.50.

Updated Firmware

After updated then I only found out my Nokia mobile only can support English, I lost the Chinese and Malay languages support! Now I can't read or write any in Chinese characters now.

Only English Selection

Then I seek some help from Nokia Customer Support, you know what they answered me? They were asking me to send back to Nokia Customer Care Center to fix it! Not only that, I must send back to any Nokia Customer Care Center in Malaysia!!! The service centers in UAE doesn't has Chinese character support!

If the firmware update is not reliable, why must let all customer to update it? Is it the way they are earning more from customer? I felt this service really cheat us, imagine now days so many people like me working aboard from Malaysia, and the service can't solve via online, so what the hack of implementing such service?

To all my readers, please bare in mind, do not simply go update the firmware if you still want other languages support on you Nokia mobiles, you'll regret like what I face it now. "Nokia Connectiong People"? NO!!! It's "Nokia Cheating People"!!!

Nokia Cheating People!!!


erinalaw said...

Got awards to share with you again..........

Zephyr said...

Cool down man, nokia is like that 1, that is y now i'm using samsung, update veli char, customer service also char

Ah-Bong said...

poor thing... cheated off ur nokia. wuakakaka

am using samsung too!

Agnes said...

i've never dare to update using their website. I'm planning to get Sony phone in future.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks again

I'm using Sony Ericsson now for my personal line lor... that Nokia just for working use.

Samsung good meh?

Sony phone not bad

Huei said...

haih..all these stupid crap tipu-ing ppl!!

Jace said...

I also kena b4 la.. The lesson taught us dont "kei gao/kei kiang" lor.

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... damn tulan lor

Yalor... sipeh cham

job said...

yeah right,nokia cannot just take their hands off from problem like so many other people will face the same problem soon..

Kenny Ng said...


blank172 said...

All nokia ****. i have N73 which is still expensive and not worth it to buy at all.I dont understand a thing about their policy of selling unfinished-device. the programming all just buggy and they are releasing more and more device w/o taking care of their previous WILL NOT recommend at all Nokia from now on to everyone.their support service sucks..

my N73 takes 7 seconds to load into msg app and its not stable-ALWAYS kicked out from the takes much time too load camera app and its not stable either.really pissed off.FIY i just reformat my hp and the thing just slow as snails..

Peter said...

I had this happen to me too - in my case, it was caused by the fact that the phone had been reflashed from it's original languages, but the product code had been left the same. The Nokia software updater read the product code, installed the latest firmware - but none of the languages that the firmware expected were in the contents pack, so it only displayed in English.

When I took it back to Nokia, they reflashed it - but it ended up with european languages, since according to the product code it was an EMEA phone.

To get Chinese back, I had to take it to one of those little phone shops and get the firmware updated - they also changed the product code so that the online updates would work correctly next time.

Anonymous said...

You can change the language pack by yourself using a program called "Nemesis service suite", and get back your original language pack. However, by doing this, you invalidate the warranty. My phone did not have Spanish so I did this without any problems whatsoever. Also, you need to make sure the language pack you are going to choose is the right one, because this can only be done once.

I recommend you to Google "change language pack nemesis service suite" for detailed instructions.

Hope this info helps.

Lee Chin Ling said...

fuck... im also one of the victim... now cannot use chinese for sms even load back backup file

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