Saturday, March 01, 2008

Funny Pics

Note: All pictures below are taken from my email, hope can cheer up you all for the weekend. My weekend is over, anyway... wish you all have a great weekend.


How much a PUMA shirt? I think it's quite costly, now got a simple and cheap method (DIY) that makes you can own a PUMA shirt. I think it's cool if anyone wear it out because it look damn real compare to the original one...

New PUMA Shirt Design?

If you dream to be a good motorcycle rider like Valentino Rossi, or Casey Stoner (Current MotoGP World Champion), the best way is you have to train very hard, even when you are sleeping!!! No joke man... I don't think Mat Rempit can do it leh...

Motorcycle as Bolster?



SilverIsle said...

Simple and cheap? I think it's more expensive that way ler. LOLz.

Anonymous said...

we need lots of 'real cat' for it le..

_butt said...

creative t-shirt! but PETA will come after u if u use the 'real' one leh hehe

The Horny Bitch said...

I think it hurts lor..

Agnes said...

how to sleep with the bike there...huh?

Huei said...

ahahahhahhah i dun wana know how his leg below the bike will feel when he wakes up!

is that a real cat on the shirt??

ikanbilis said...

aha lawak lah!

mac said...

creative design for the shirt..;) is that a pillow that just looks like a bike?

For Yvonne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nine3 Nine3 said...

Bruderrrrrrrrrrr apa macam ?

janicepa said...

hey... u coming back to vote not ?? kekekeke...

Kenny Ng said...

How come?

U can get a doll cat ma

Who is PETA?

[the horny bitch]
Which 1? U mean the sleep with bike? Haha

I also dunno... must ask that person lor

I also can't imagine... I think it's a real cat la... LOL


If u see closely... it's a real bike leh

[nine 3 nine 3]
OK la... u?

No wor... U vote on my behave can ah? :P

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