Thursday, February 28, 2008

Award + Tag

This is the best ever award I get so far, I really like it, this time the award was honored by Purple~Mushroom, it's 'The Ultimate Hamsup Award' (Hamsap = Pervert).

The Ultimate Hamsup Award

I felt so happy to get this award, because real straight men always the hamsup ma... if not will be dangerous lor... Hahaha...

Now I want to pass this award to...
  1. Horny Ang Moh
  2. Lin Peh
  3. Ah Pek
  4. Cocka Doodle
Hope you guys like it ha... kekeke


Me As A Dad?!

Now I got this weird tag from Erinalaw, she wants to know how I'm gonna be a Dad. I'm still bachelor la, I still never think how I gonna be a dad, of cause I'll try my best to be a good dad in future (if can have my own family la).

Since I got The Ultimate Hamsap Award, I think will not be a problem for me to be a dad if got a wife hor? Wakakaka... Anyway, it's too early for me to say how I gonna be dad, for now I just can say I'll copycat my own dad, work hard to earn money and let the children have a good life, of cause never forget lessons to be a good man in future.

I'm Ultimate Hamsup!!!


Ah Pek said...

I where got humsapppp???

Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Congratulation!!! Ha! Ha! Tq for ur award!!! He! He! U r a humsup???

erinalaw said...

Congratulation. Ya! Ya! Ya! I still remember you told me that you are straight when I ask you how come no gf......... hehehehe. Woi! You think so easy meh being a dad? How will you handle them. Remember hor, nowadays kids no like like our time har. They are smarter, active and wiser than us during our budak budak time. They can always trick us back. I am speaking from experience.

Kopi Soh said...

Congrats on your award altho i never tot of u as hamsup, hehe....can't wait to see wat cocka does with his award.

seefei said...

niamah! i am hamsup also but i am not a pervert lah. hamsup should be translated a man or woman with strong libido!!

De Pianist said... this is the first time i've seen people so happy for being the ultimate hamsup..hahaha...but also,congrats for that.hhehehee

Kenny Ng said...

[ah pek]
If u not hamsup how can u be a dad? LOL

[hor*ny ang moh]
Welcome! Of cause I'm a hamsup... haha

Hmmm... I know it's not easy, that's why I said I can't say it now until I become a dad in future (if can).

[kopi soh]
If I'm not hamsup cham lor... hahaha

Haha... yeah u r right!

[de pianist]
Of cause happy la, cause I'm a real man ma... haha

Huei said...


hamsup baru boleh make kids ma!!! =P

Cocka Doodle said...

Thank you, thank you...but but I'm not humsap leh. I normal leh.

When I was young, someone once told me this after seeing a group of monks.
He said these monks will be reincarnated as women. I asked why, and he explained that since in this life they don't want to use their kukujiao and fark, in their next life god will give them cipet so that they'll kena fark!

See? I've been taking that advice seriously since then.

Kenny Ng said...

U r right! Wakakaka

[cocka doodle]
Not hamsup? Sure or not?U believe those story ah? I don't leh...

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