Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Awards + Bad News

I got these 2 same awards in the same time by 2 different of my lovely blogger friends, first was ErinaLaw then Huei also given me these 2 awards again... Thanks a lot to both of you.

2 Awards

I should be happy with these 2 awards, but today we got a very bad news, start from tomorrow our office internet line will be restricted, only head of each departments are given the internet access. I'm just a 'slave' here, that means I'll not have the access anymore.

So... start from tomorrow I'll not have internet access to update this blog anymore. Now we're still applying internet access in our house, I'm looking for that, if not I'll missing in action for a long long time...

Imagine we are working aboard from Malaysia to Dubai, without internet access how are we going to communicate with our family and friends in Malaysia? How I going to do internet banking after this? Furthermore the internet service charge in UAE is bloody hell expensive, I really can't afford to apply it.

Now I really upset with the top management's arrangement, our welfare is getting bad to worst, I just wait and see how long I can stand with it. I may quit and come back if the welfare matters still no improvement.

See Yah!!!


angeles said...

oh dear... that sounds horrible... hope u'll get access soon!

_butt said...

what? it can't be true! not fair! *grumbles*

Min-Hui said...

hm...Kenny! Hope you will get the Internet access soon....

erinalaw said...

Oh no!!!! Going to miss you liau lor????? We are going to miss ur news. I will sms u liau lar like tat.

Agnes said...

wow...that really worst lor...bad to hear that ...hope u will get the internet access soon...or else i will miss u lor...:)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Why your company so ce kai one?? No internet for you guys? Why???? Did you ask why??? U guys so far away need internet to communicate with family and keep up to date with home news via internet. Your boss no brainer ah?? I read also tulan. Gimme his phone number and email... I tiu kau him for you!

Netster said...

that's really suck! hope you get your butt online soon.

I feel you man! take care

job said...

the top management should not neglect the welfare of the staffs..for the sake of this blog..:)

Netster said...


Kenny Ng said...

Got access but limited lor

What to do?


I still can online but very limited lor

aiyah... no need miss me la... AD to DXB not far only ma... :P

My boss is worst than mafia la... U cannot win one

I'm waiting my house got access

This blog is not important... my work can't goes smoothly without email service la

Chev said...

hopefully u can get your internet connection soon. It is hard to be internet-less these days :(

CruelAngel said...

That's brutal!!

All staff should stop work as protest to this unfair treatment!!

Anak Merdeka said...

Aiyah, come back lah!! Things are getting very interesting in Malaysia now - maybe you can get better job in Penang, Perak or Selangor now, eh?? If not, you can surely get better food in all these places. LOL!!

Wyn said...

OMG...thats horrible lor....must be very sien ler like that..

hope you will get the internet connection soon...=)

take care oh..

Servidores said...

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Anonymous said...

lol ! Your company wants you all to work hard. Anyway, first timer here after visiting from wackywakeupshowtraxxfm. I leave a response in your yahoo 360 too. said...

take care!!

Kenny Ng said...


No point u doing this

[anak merdeka]
Haha... I go back no rock concerts wor...

Will get it soon at home... thanks

Thanks... will do it when i got full access on internet ok?

Thanks for visiting...

U too

team bsg said...

looks like yur bosses there also too carefeul until lidat 1. try to do it near a free wifi area lo

Wyn said...

did you know that our hero won at Sepang? hahaha...=P

Huei said...

ayeeee kesian

do find some ways to come online okies!!

Kenny Ng said...

[team bsg]
There is no such 'free' things in UAE la

Yeah I know... damn siok la... hehe

Wait lor... wait until my house got the access lor

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