Saturday, February 16, 2008

Leaving Again

Well... I really no idea how to start this post, you should know how is my feeling now, I'm leaving Malaysia tonight and back to Dubai after almost 2 weeks holiday in my homeland.

This trip really very busy for myself, I just keep meeting up with friends, bloggers, ex-colleagues, ex-coursemate, ex-bosses, colleagues, bosses, family members... I felt myself like a GRO, running here and there, repeating to answer all questions about my work in Dubai.

Very sorry to those I haven't meet up, my time really too limited this time, really no time to seek a girlfriend lor if everytime like that... Hahaha.

Anyway, it was my most meaningful trip to come back for holiday, my 2 childhood friends are getting married soon, my best friends also register today in KL, I wish them all happy forever and all the best!

Now I'm looking forward on my next trip to come back to Malaysia, if everything go smooth I'll back again for holiday after 6 months from now. Maybe I'll back on time to join the "Together-Gather Bloggers Party II" which planned to held it in August 2008, so see you all in the TGG2 party yah!

Penang Bridge

Can someone kidnapping me ah? So I no need go back to Dubai lor... Ahaa... Really missed everything here, my parents, family members, friends... and also foods!!! Time really flies, I felt I just came back 2-3 days only, in fact it's already 2 weeks long. Anyway, don't miss me or worry of me so much, I'll be fine when I get back to work in Dubai.

Miss You All!!!


Wingz said...

a man gotta do what a man gotta do bro! cant wait till u kambek again!

angeles said...

Dun sad, ok? Time flies... soon, it'll be time to come back again.. Ganbatte!

Zephyr said...

Have a safe journey, rocking all da way to Dubai!!!

erinalaw said...

Nothing is like a home but like wat wingz said, a man have to do wat a man got to do. I wish you all the best in ur job and on ur next trip back, it shall be my turn to belanja u hor. Remember my sand also har?hehehe......

Anonymous said...

my bro's a construction consultant over at dubai too.

accordingly to him, the weather crazy there, too hot too stuffy...and the city NEVER sleeps late. so it's just work, dinner and back to apartment.

Min-Hui said...

ganbate kudasai...

FL Sam said...

Have a pleasant trip and continue your work and come back with lotsa of $$$$$$. You can then relax a bit. :)

Agnes said...

dun feel sad...time flies...soon and you will back to M'sia again. said...

Kenny the GRO
All the best

Wyn said...

dun be sad ah...

very fast, it will be 6 mths later...

just blink more eyes laa...keke..." jam ha ngan, jou dou ....(fill in urself)" keke...=P

Huei said...


aih..dun worry..all ur frens/family/bloggers/everybody u know..will be missing u! still can chat/webcam! =D

take care okies!! can find dubai luis rite?? =P

julieann said...

huah time really flies... i still got no chance to see u leh!! but there's a lot of chance 1!! take care while in dubai and remember to always post nice nice pics woh!!! :D

Cruel Angel said...

This is the hardest part of working abroad. THat's why i didnt go back during CNY!!!

Welcome back!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Good time fly! Do post up nice pic! Have a nice day!

Jace said...

Take off ur clothes and dance on the bridge. Lokap one week, ki kourt one month. Then mah no need go back dubai lor..


_butt said...

aiseh man, time for you to balik to work already... safe flight ya :)

janicepa said...

aiya.. 6 months nia.. sekelip mata only..

see you soon.. take care ya..

next trip back .. sure can get gf liao ..

day-dreamer said...

So fast you're leaving again...

But never mind, so fast you'll be on your way back again!

All the best o! And take care. ^^

Kenny Ng said...

Can't wait to come back join guys too!

This time not so sad la coz everything goes well :)

Yeah... Rocking will never stop

Thanks... Haha, sure won't forget ur sand :P

Yeah, most of foreigner workers are the same here, my life here only work, go home cook, eat then sleep. No choice la, just to earn little bit extra


[fl sam]
Yeah, 1st must let my parents have a relax life then only myself

Yeah... 6 months will be very soon

Hahaha... now I know to be a GRO is not easy lor

Jam ha ngan, jau dou... tin tong? LOL...

Haha... yeah still can chat and webcam. Dubai luis? All also dunwan look at me at all la

Sure I'll post more pics... stay tune yah

[cruel angel]
Hmmm... If not during CNY I can't meet all my relatives & friends la

[hor ny ang moh]
Thanks, sure will post more pics

Lu gila ah? Like that I'll lokap in Tg Rambutan lor...

Yeah... so fast. Thanks

How u know I'll get gf after 6 months? U intro me 1 ah? LOL

Yah, so soon to leave, 6 months will be very fast la. Thanks

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

save journey kenny

may said...

leaving home after 2 glorious weeks is hard, isn't it? look forward to the next one, 6 months will pass in no time. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng]

Yeah... 6 months will be very fast

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