Monday, February 18, 2008

Back To Work in Dubai

Today is my first day back to work after 2 weeks holiday for Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Thank you all for all the wishes given to me, I really miss you all.

It wasn't a perfect journey back to Dubai, ONLY myself can't enjoy the entertainment in the flight. The screen display in front of me was spitting away and I can't fully utilized the facilities, imagine 7 hours journey without any entertainment, furthermore I very hardly to sleep during the flight because of the seats are uncomfortable to me.

Screen Splitting Away

It was a nightmare to me, I never carried along my MP3 player so I can't listen to my favorite songs. I've told the crews on the plane, they even reset for me 3 times and the screen still splitting away, what a boring journey for me. I'll never forget my first flight experience with Emirates in my whole life!

Things are not so bad when I reached the villa I stay in Dubai, I saw my housemate/colleague brought over his guitar and gadgets together! Now I got company to jam with at home, so my rocking life is back again! Yeah... When I saw his gadgets, I really can't wait to try it out.

My Guitar (Red) & My Housemate's Guitar

We both using different gadgets to get the sound effects, I'm using guitar tone port supported by software to get sound effects. My housemate is using real guitar gadgets and foot switch to get the sound effects. I like his guitar because it's a real Fender Stratocaster made in USA which I dream to have it for long long time.

My Guitar Gadgets (Using Tone Port) & Supported by Software

My Housemate's Gadgets

Last night we jammed like crazy, it was so fun after so long never have a jamming session with others.

Rock On!!!


Min-Hui said...

wow...u guys are very PRO! Any record of your play that can share at your blog?

day-dreamer said...

Geng de screen display! LOL!

Huei said...

woahh!! keng chou!!! so many gadgets!!

alamak! y the screen split n the stupid ppl dun do anything about it? there wasnt any other place for u to change to? said...

Did your neighbour complain?

Agnes said...

wow...u really can have real fun at home now!!!

geng wor...but neighbour didn't complain?

Aleckii said...

Arghh... I know that feeling. Me, living in Russia for 6 years already, have to frequently travel from Malaysia- Russia, Russia- Malaysia. And during those journeys I have my fair share of Travel woes too!

The worst possible thing, I think, is to have a TV in front of you but you cannot choose any programmes for yourself and the movie playes was during the communism eras of the Soviet times... in RUSSIAN!

Haha! Imagine that! Aeroflot aeroflot...

I love Thai airways and Emirates though. Hope I don't get that seat of yours...

SilverIsle said...

How I wish my roommates or housemates can jam with me too. Gosh. Super envy! Haha. Record a video lar. =P

Sasha said...

same q as yenjai. did yr neighbour complain ah ?

Kenny Ng said...

When we can play very well I'll do some video la... haha

Geng leh? Really makes me boring like hell la

Yeah... that's the gadgets I dream to have la... Change seat? All full la, how to change?

Neighbour? All my colleagues la... haha.

Too bad don't have much time to play la... My neighbour is my colleagues la... No worry

I can say I'm the luckiest one. Qatar Air also have but Gulf Air no...

Video ah? Wait la... when we can play very well la :P

My neighbours are my colleagues la... U say leh?

khengsiong said...

Emirates is very famous ar... But your experience with it not so good?

Jace said...

ROCK kenny!

may said...

hey rocker, record any tunes for us to listen to anot?

Kenny Ng said...

I heard Enirates is not so good after all

Yes I am... hahaha

Not yet... slow slow wait ha... kekeke

Netster said...

I love the distortion set! I never get myself one, not sure I should hahaha maybe wasting money on it. But it just use full "sometime"... I don't play all the time... No friend to jam with... not to mention, suck at it! hahahaha

cheers nice gadget btw.

Kenny Ng said...

I lost my most favorite gadget before, since then I never buy any. Now I just using guitar tone port which is cheap and can get all type of sound effects I want. You can get it like mine... Thanks said...

so many gadget...are u musician?

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