Thursday, February 14, 2008

Award IV

Once again I received another award, this time is from Netster Thank you very much to award my blog as excellent blog. Sorry for never added your blog in my link, I thought I've added you all this while.

I always think that my blog just only an ordinary and simple blog and I never expect to be excellent and never dream to be famous.

The Excellent Blog's Award

Here I would like to past this award to... Wingz, Hizecool, Sky Keep You, Huei, Angeles, Chev, Erina Law and Zewt.


Below is a picture I snapped during my stay in Kuala Lumpur past few days back, I was staying in a hotel at Old Klang Road and this is the night scene of Old Klang Road.

I really miss this place which I've been staying near to Old Klang Road for the past few years when I was working in Kuala Lumpur.



Kopi Soh said...

Congrats on your award, i agree your blog is indeed E. :D

angeles said...

Wah.. thanks, kenny! I dun deserve E.. I deserve oni F... Fail... hehe..

Wah... did u stay at Pearl Hotel ah?

No more kambing KL?

zewt said...

hey... thanks for the award... E... Excellent... that' for all of us bloggers!

Aleckii said...

congrats! Wow, that is an amazing picture of KL!

_butt said...

it's not easy to keep up with your blog since you're away to work and all, but you did, so you did deserved an Excellent award :)

eh, I always go to old klang road but never notice the night view was this pretty! :D

Huei said...

WHeeeE!! tenkiu tenkiu!!!!


keeyit said...

congratulations for the award

erinalaw said...

Hey, thanks for the award. Make me so kumthong. Come back only, see your excellent award. Me mana ada deserve ar? Sometimes, missing in action lagi leh.

Min-Hui said...

Congratulation! btw, you should have shoot some pictures at Cyberjaya, and Putrajaya. I love the night view there! VERY NICE!

Chev said...

thanks for the award. Nice night scene view u have there :)

i wanna visit KL again :)

Wingz said...

brader you the best!

ckyeo said...

i know u wanna bribe lim peh so that sky wont keep you....

Agnes said...

wow...u stay at Old Klang Road before. How come i never see you before. I used to stay in Old Klang Road and work in Taman Desa.
What a small world now only i get to know u..haha

Zephyr said...

Back to KL, din come find me....

da beautiful counsellor waiting 4 u ah XD

janicepa said...

hey whn are you goin back to Dubai ??

Excellent Award.. You deserved it !!.. and very nice shot there.. i like the lights..

Kenny Ng said...

[kopi soh]
Thanks... because got ur support ma :)

Why not? Just take it la. Yah, I was staying at Pearl Hotel, will come KL... maybe in August la... :P

U r welcome, u deserved it


Not really la... because got u all support me ma :)
The view nice because from top ma, all the while u just travel along the road can't see anything ma...

Haha... so happy ah


Doesn't matter one, as long I give ma... haha

Thanks. Cyberjaya & Putrajaya? I don't have time la.

Haha... The pic makes u wanna visit KL?

U lagi best!

Sky won't keep me geh... coz I rock than the sky... wakakaka

Haha... yeah, really a small world. Old Klang Road too many people la, if u can know all people there mean u really terror lor... LOL

Sorry la... I was busy than GRO / Prime Minister la, just meeting people till I don't have my own sweet time leh. Ask the counselor wait for me can ah? :P

Saturday going back to Dubai la... Thanks said...

That is a nice shot said...

kenny, I like your photo very much
Can i request to have one, to be my wallpaper?

Can send me a bigger version?
Something like 1440x900?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Congratulation! Yes! U r excellent! U take good pic too! Have a nice day!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... sure I'll send u the original size.

[hor ny ang moh]
Thanks, U r excellent too!

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