Monday, February 25, 2008

Dubai Jazz Fest & End of DSF

Yesterday night (24 Feb 2008) me and my colleagues went to Festival City for Dubai Jazz Fest, since the jazz concert is free from 21st to 27th Feb 2008, so we decided to go at least for one of the concerts before 28th Feb 2008 onwards need to buy entrance ticket.

Nice Night Scene

View of Stage

So coincidence yesterday was the last day of Dubai Sale Festival (DSF), so before the show started, a huge fireworks has been display over the Festival City.

Fireworks Display

Two bands were performing last night, the 1st band lead by Lori Nuic, a powerful vocalist from Canada. Then followed by Ben Granfelt from Finland who really rocks the whole show instead of jazz, like what he said "Music is Music" and I was funning lots of fun with rock musics.

Lori Nuic & Her Band

Ben Granfelt & His Band Rocking All The Way

It was a great performance by these two different group musicians, we're planning to go for other groups again in this few days time if we got time.

Dubai Jazz Fest Rockzz!


_butt said...

wow! what a spectacular view!! amazing shots, as always :)

Agnes said...

wow....that was a very nice fine also....i love it...ler...i mean your "toy"..hehe

janicepa said...

very nice pictures.. and you must very very happy..

happiest day

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Your camera is really good!
Nice view, nice shots.

cheerfulday said...

awesome photos you got !!

Min-Hui said...

wow...It seems good!! If there is sound recorded video, it would be even better :P

Nonnie King said...

So cool leh!

erinalaw said...

You got tagged liau

Kenny Ng said...


hahaha... Go get a toy like mine la

Yeah... Was so happy coz got rock musics

Thanks... Really worth to buy this camera la


The sound quality not as good as video cam la... so I don't take it

[nonnie king]
That night was damn cool also... haha

Aiks... again?

seefei said...

you bought a new dslr? the photo damn sharp. i totally enjoy it but then, ahmm... i didnt read the text lah.

Kenny Ng said...

Not dslr la... It's LUMIX DMC FZ-18. The quality really can match with dslr lor...

kopi soh said...

Just drop by to inform all my "hawkers" dat I've closed the kopitiam. Will miss all of you terribly, do take care of yourselves.

Warm Hugs Owes,
Kopi Soh

mac said...

the night view is pretty amazing..and of course,it meant nothing without the new cam..;)

Kenny Ng said...

[kopi soh]
Why???!!! Don't like that la... No kopitiam is like no life la... Anyway, I do respect your decision, take care well and all the best yah! Miss you very much... :(

The new cam really amazing :)

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