Saturday, February 23, 2008

6th Award & Crazy Moment

I felt like winning Grammy/Oscar Awards again, if really is now I become damn rich lor... Hahaha... This time this 'Nice Matters' Award was honored by ErinaLaw again. I was wondering what is nice matters? I'm so hamsap then so noisy because rocking all the time also can get this award meh?

Anyway, thank you very much ErinaLaw once again for this lovely award (although it looks so girlish la... haha)

Nice Matters Award

Since it looks so girlish, this time I just pass this award to girl bloggers, they are... Agnes, Firehorse, NyonyaPenang, Nonnie King, Purple~Mushroom, and Jace (Don't cry you never have any award har :P)

Below the video clip was recorded when me and my colleague were releasing some work stress during lunch hour. I still laughing at this video clip when I view it for many times, just look at the effects and our expression, I think we deserved to win the Oscar Award this time...

I think after you all watching this video clip, do I deserve the 'Nice Matters' Award?



may said...

send the for Tropfest! lol! congratulations on all those awards.

angeles said...

takut!!! haha..

Agnes said...

hey..hahaha...that funny for lunch hour break...

Jace said...

The video makes me laugh kao kao... KAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKAA.....

Nonnie King said...

OMG! This is the first time I got awarded leh.

Thanks a lot Kenny!

Nonnie King said...

By the way.... too stress out working is it?
Funny video btw~

De Pianist said...

Hahahahaha!you guys really stressed until like chee sin haha

Will said...

hahahaaha... LOL @ the clip

erinalaw said...

I really have a good laugh at the video clip. Woi! You so so the stress meh? If in the dark, sure ppl will ask hantu mana lar yang duk flying around. Hahaha............ LOL. Must show my hubby liau

Kenny Ng said...

Want meh? Paiseh la... haha. Thanks

Hahaha... Takut leh?

Yalor... I still laugh on it

Got hide under table boh? Wakakaka

[nonnie king]
U deserved it.. U r welcome. Haha... yalor, just to release some stress

[de pianist]
We all chi sin one here... hahaha

Beh tahan leh? Hahaha

We always stress but we still siao siao around ma... like that work also fun ma right?

Firehorse said...

Tankiu Kenny, hugssss.

Huei said...

omg!! u must be really very VERY stressed!!! =P

Kenny Ng said...

U r welcome :)

Hahahaha... yeah

janicepa said...

hahaha.. nothing to do ... but.. farnie..

nyonyapenang said...

Kamsiah..Kamsiah khek kiah, for the awards. Soli, I am so late here....veli boh eng leh.

Wah...whatchiu doing on the clip....can win Oscar liao...hahahhaa...

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