Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year Dinner at Festival City, Dubai

This was my first time in so many years I never celebrate new year during new year eve, I was just sitting at home watching movie with my colleague. It was a bit weird feeling to me which I didn't get drunk during new year eve until new year (it means drunk for 2 years straight)... Wakakaka.

Anyway, on the new year evening, me and some colleagues decided not to cook at home, so we went to Festival City in Dubai for dinner. I was impressed by the environment there, it's so impressive with the musical fountain and the man made canal. We were having some Italian foods there and the feeling like we were in 'modern' Venice.

The musical fountain is the most attractive spot overall, so many people were standing there just to enjoy the orchestra musics together with the 'art of water' from the fountain. Imagine how nice if can have some wines, sitting right in front of the musical fountain...

The musical fountain with Christmas tree

One of the 'art of water'

Another shapes of water

The close-up with different colour

People were crowded up the place to enjoy the musical fountain

Restaurants beside the man made canal

Personally, I love water sound, so now I found a good place for me to relax my mind if I got over-stressed by work.

Welcome 2008


angeles said...

wah.. looks very nice woh...

no pic of food?? how can?? :p

_butt said...

wow! that was some magical performance! nice! :D

aik? angeles is right. didn't show what you all have for new year dinner geh? :P

FL Sam said...

Looks so colorful and nice. No fireworks display???. :)

Ah-Bong said...

wooo... cool... haven't seen a musical fountain for eons... :P said...

How you manage to snap such clear and colourful photo in poor light condition baffles me.
Superb skill

Zephyr said...

you made me envy already....I also wanna go there but dun have money to travel and also time.

kat said...

Very very good leh, your pixes! Next time we must go togeder, learn from the sifu! :)

Michael Song said...

happpy new year buddy...

King's wife said...

Wah, looks very impressive.
Hope you are settling well over there. :)
Happy New Year to you!! All the best for 2008!!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

this wan is better than fireworks show.....

ckyeo said...

lim peh is bek!! happy new year 2008, and now u can start throwing curse at lim peh's blog!!

Huei said...

woooo!! so nice!!!

kl was probably filled with aerosol foam!!! hehehe

Aleckii said...

Ahhh... Dubai

Really amazing pictures!

De Pianist said...

cool pictures! Italian food,nice scenery,elegant evening...not bad ma your new year..a new experience from your usual new year celebration..hehe

julieann said...

HUAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! VELI VELI IMPRESSIVE!!!! eh then no fireworks kar?? but the water really si beh nice!!!

kat said...

Kenny, hope you dun mind me linking 2 of your posts in my blog. :)

Kenny Ng said...

I was too hungry n just eat the food, forgot to snap the pics la... LOL

Haha... was having Pizza n pasta la

[fl sam]
Fireworks display on new year eve, but I didn't went out that night.

KL don't have?

Thanks, I just make sure my camera stand still before snap it

Sure u'll have chance

Haha... Don't call me sifu la... just sharing skills ok? Next time got chance we go!

[michael song]
Same to u... happy new year

[king's wife]
Already settled well now. Thanks, happy new year to u too

[pisang goreng]
Yalor... I prefer this

Welcome back! I'm sure will hantam ur blog... kekeke

So u got poisoned? Kekeke


[de pianist]
Yalor... not too bad after all, at least have a peace of mind

Fireworks on new year eve ma... I went on new year day la...

It's ok... go ahead, I don't mind at all :) Thanks anyway.

Princess Eileen said...

I cant remember celebrating any new year eve's for the last 4 years... Oh well, that's my life I guess :)

Wyn said...

wah....really nice ler...especially with the christmas tree behind the fountain...

so beautiful...

Will said...

happy belated new year... hehe

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
Nomad all the time? LOL

Yalor... I also beh tahan... haha

Good morning! LOL...

Marsha M said...

wow!!! love it!!! it looks so beautiful!!

Kenny Ng said...

[marsha m]
Yeah... it is

Dhow Cruise Dubai said...

Dhow Cruise Dubai waoo that's so beautiful. i just loved it.

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