Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Short Trip at Dubai Creek

Few weeks back me and another 2 colleagues went to Dubai Creek during a day off, then we tried to take a ride across the Creek with the Water Bus.

There are few types of services to bring you to cross the Dubai Creek, we only manage to try out the Water Bus which only cost Dhs 4 per trip, the Water Buses are covered by glasses and with air conditional. It also has cheaper type which is smaller boat and open air.

Dubai Creek at Deira side

The Water Bus

Inside the Water Bus

In the middle of Dubai Creek

Scene from inside Water Bus

Market near the jetty

The Jetty

Finally I got chance to cross over the Dubai Creek by boat, I'll try the cheaper (open air) boat if got chance, or we also planned to rent a boat to travel the whole Dubai Creek when we got time. Now is the best time to travel around Dubai, the temperature now here is only 12 to 24 degree Celsius.

The Wonderful of Dubai Creek


Cruel Angel said...

how was it?

I havent tried it yet :P

Iwan Sanchez said...


it looks nice!

so far i only hear of JACOB's CREEK..


Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Dubai looks beautiful.....

FL Sam said...

Wow, Dubai really big time on everything with their oil money. Malaysia how to compete. :)

janicepa said...

Yeah .. Dubai really look so very beautiful.. kekeekeke..

Anonymous said...

the sky is like so blue & without clouds...so beautiful...but but sure get sun burnt la..

Sasha said...

wah looks like u macam enjoy working there edi...can go many places

_butt said...

nice to explore around places when the weather is cooler. is it windy there? :)

Kenny Ng said...

[cruel angel]
It was cool

apalah... Jacobs pula... LOL

Yah... it is

[fl sam]
The town planning also far better than malaysia

Yeah... but not all la

Now won't get sun burn la... so cooling leh, today only 10 degree

Okok la... since got little free time just go lor

It's very windy here, the wind blow really too cold for us.

Eve said...

I'm coming ...:D hahah

Aleckii said...

Ahhh. Wonderful pictures! Reminds me of the sampan that you need to take to cross over the Sarawak River to Petra Jaya in Kuching.

Though the water is much murkier in Kuching...

And the sampan less advanced...

Wow! I feel like going to Dubai already now!

Maverick SM said...

Wah Kenny, you have such good life there!!!

So have you found your Arabian princess?

Nonnie King said...

Wonder why overseas picture always look so chun one. Like their sky and water very different from us one.

Too bad la, nice scenery but no nice girl inside your picture.

Anonymous said...

Is sooo beautiful
12-24 degree, just nice to travel around

JL said...

wow ... the water so blue geh?

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... ok, I'm waiting

Come come... hehe

I'm a slave in Dubai, impossible to find a princess here la

[nonnie king]
Maybe we are too bored with our scenery? Nice gal in pics? Haha... I prefer take nice scenes la

Yeah... It's cooling

Because it is so clean ma

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Dubai is so pretty (either that, or your photo-taking skill is really geng!). U make me want to visit dubai~

Kenny Ng said...

[elizebeth d.l.]
Ermmm... My skill ah? So so only la, tipu makan a bit can la... haha. Anyway, Dubai is nice to visit.

nyonyapenang said...

I wanna go...I wanna go...
Can you be my tour guide?

Kenny Ng said...

Can can... come la

Min-Hui said...

How come I didn't enjoy my trip in Dubai? Do you like it? I found it boring, like little India!

jony said...

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Dhow Cruise Dubai said...

Dhow Cruise Dubaiwaoo that's so good. nice pictures. Dubai is an amazing place.

Desert Safari Dhow Cruise said...

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