Thursday, November 15, 2007

Night at Jumeirah 3 Beach

Don't know what to say... just post up some pictures that I took few weeks back at Jumeirah Beach 3.

Jumeirah Hotel (left) & Burj Al Arab (Right)

Burj Al Arab

Have A Nice Day To You All!!!

13 comments: said...

Where is the water?

Anak Merdeka said...

Why are you lost for words Kenny? Hope it's not all work and no play for you over there.

Iwan Sanchez said...


bro, u r making me more and more to go to dubai!!

but i got no $$$$$


Chen said...

Hou Leng ah..
i wanna visit Dubai liao :)

Selba said...

It's beautiful... I like the night scene of Burj Al Arab. Seen it a few time from the sky aka aeroplane lah, kekeke...

Happy Friday!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

so beautiful ler d night view..

so tempted to go Dubai ler...

you laa!!!

=P keke

Darren said...

hello, I dropped by via Jayceooi blog.

The images taken very nice and you must be enjoyin ur trip over there although the internet connection blocked most of ur lovely site.

Jace said...

It looks so peace and beautiful!

Kenny Ng said...

The sand at beach is too wide, so can't see the sea water from that angle.

[anak merdeka]
I just lost idea what to say... no worry, thanks

Save more money lor

Come come...

It will be nice feeling if you see it closely

[woof woof n meow meow]
Come la.. you won't regret one... :P

Hello, thanks for dropping by. I'm not in my vacation trip, I'm in working trip in Dubai.

Yeah.. it is

may said...

so so pwetty! no need words wan... just need eyes to see... ;-)

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... thanks

Netster said...

great photo shot!

Kenny Ng said...


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