Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dubai International Auto Show

Yesterday (Friday) after work, me and group of my colleagues went to Dubai International Auto Show. Heard that it was the largest auto show ever before, we spent nearly 2 1/2 hours in this auto show just to walk the whole exhibition center.

The entrance fee only Dhs 20, which I guess is cheaper than entrance fee for Malaysia Auto Show.

Land Rover shows off

Aston Martin




Ferrari... Look at the car oik! Not the girl!

Mercedes SLR, not SLR (single lense reflex) Camera la...

Transformer going to transform as robot!!! You believe or not? LOL

Nissan GT-R (Year 2009 Skyline model)

Another view of Nissan GT-R... Nice or not?

Dubai Civil Defence (Bomba) car... geng or not?

Posing with Valentino Rossi's bike, my current MotoGP Hero.

I think most of you will ask me, why no sexy model posing with the cars? Here I tell you, I don't see many here unlike in Malaysia, anyway... I manage to snap one of it...

The only sexy car's model...

Sorry for the picture quality is not clear, you know la... see so sexy girl my hand were shaking ma... You know I 'vegetarian' for how long already? Wakaka...

Wait... the next picture definitely will let you all get nose bleeding, this can be one and only and best in the world picture I ever had...


Me posing with Ferrari F1...

See, I don't bluff you one... kekekeke... Too bad that's not my F1 Hero (Kimi Raikkonen) car, anyway it's the another sister car of Kimi... Felipe Massa's car.

I guess you all got blood vomit instead of nose bleeding right? WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

2007 Dubai International Auto Show


kat said...

Oooohh... nice cars! Until when-ah, the exhibition?

I din even notice the girl in the white Ferrari photo until you mentioned it! I guess that's the difference between a girl and a boy.. :D

So far I notice something interesting here. There doesn't seem to be that many red sportcars around. I've seen more white, yellow and blue. Even green.

clement said...

wad happened to all the legendary auto hot chic?

Iwan Sanchez said...

all the cars looks so futuristic!!

i tink not many sexy gals cos its a islam country lah..

i tink so..

Iwan Sanchez said...

all the cars looks so futuristic!!

i tink not many sexy gals cos its a islam country lah..

i tink so..

angel said...

i was looking around for the hot chics hahaaa!

laundryamah said...

wah u worked so hard until ur hair all white leow ah? u really hand shake until the picture so honest of u to admit it lor..hahahaha

Suharude said...

Nice car and nice girl too

nyonyapenang said...

awesome cars....but you looked more ...more...more....ah.....awesome also changed color liao. hahahah....

johnny said...

So nice can attend such show.
20 DHS is absolutely cheap!!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...nice cars...and too bad, dats not our hero`s car..ish..

potong stim abit..=P

but those cars really really awesome dat geng and yeng... said...

I like the Saab and Lamborghini
But of course, i won't be able to handle it, even if you give it to me

moz monster said...

wahalalau (arab version of wahlau !) !!!

this year Malaysia did not have a motor show ... and i just missed the tokyo and bangkok motor show ... man ... i'm so jealous of you !!!

i hope i'll get to see some motor show next year !

Princess Eileen said...

Kenny, you look more and more sophisticated :D

sun,moon&star said...

what happened to your head of black hair? looks rather under-nourished..LOL

may said...

that white Saab look like a Transformer stuck in transforming... kkkkk! ok lah, nice cars...

Selba said...

Waaaahhh.. nice cars....
hey... did you dye your hair?

Firehorse said...

OMG I am drooling again, at the cars lar not dat one sexy girl which i tink akcerli spoil the pigcher.

art said...

aston martin vantage~!!!
screw ferrari man....
ferrari ah beng also can buy nowadays...hahaha...

Nonnie King said...

Nice! But never in my life I can afford any of those. Maybe in my dreams...


Jace said...

*vomit blood* hahahhaa...

kidding la...

Next time don shake your hand when u see sexy girl.

julieann said...

HUAHHHHHHHH!!! THE CAR SO GENG CHAO!!! I WANNNNN!!! Kenny buy for me can bor?? hahahahahahahahahaha...

Kenny Ng said...

Until 18th Nov 2007. Yeah, I saw any sport cars in green color here, so weird la.

U better ask the organiser

Yah, not much

Not much leh... that's the most chun one I've seen in the show.

That's my original hair color la... haha, I always hand shaking when see leng lui 1.


Haha... me awesome? Cham lor...

Yeah... it's cheap

[woof woof n meow meow]
Yalor... quite potong stim when see not Kimi's car. The GT-R is the most 'Hot' car in the show

Me either... too powerful la

[moz monster]
Try spare some time for next year car show yah

[princess eileen]
Got meh? Don't look me so up la... LOL

That's my original hair color la

Haha... yalor, the yellow car also ma

Nop... that's my original hair color

True also... I agree

Haha... Ah Beng cant buy Ferrari F1 la

[nonnie king]
Sure u can la... save more money lor

Thanks for vomit blood... LOL
Can't help one la... see leng lui sure hand shaking ma

Buy for u? The toy 1 can ah? LOL

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Kenny... you look good wor. Must be really happy as you are coming home soon, eh?

amei79 said...

I like the Bugatti...the rest oso great!!! but my dream car is produa kancil...:p just kidding!

Jayce said...

Wow... Nice cars. =)

Kenny Ng said...

I look happy meh? Maybe I saw F1 and MotoGP machine kua.

Don't under estimate kancil lor

Yeah... very nice

Chen said...

err... how come your hair become white colour liao? too much stress ah?

Kenny Ng said...

That's my original hair colour ma

Netster said...

car not nice. I want the gal only hahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Me too... wakakaka

W_W_H said...

i want that bomba car!!!!!!!!!

viper for android said...

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