Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leaving... Goodbye

Time really flies, I just came back less than a week and now I have to say goodbye to all my family members and my friends in Malaysia. I don't know how to describe the feeling now...

Who say rockers are not sentimental? Actually I just love rock musics but inside my heart is damn sentimental. I really hold my tears so badly now to update this post now, allow me a bit emo can or not?

Thanks to all my blogger buddies for the karaoke session, we really felt like came out from jail, it was the best laughing session so far with you guys, really wish to have it again on my next trip back ok?

Crazy moment with Ah Boon, CKYeo, Myself, Han, Golfnick, Wingz & Dale

At night, I met up with my hometown old best friends to have dinner, the 2 pair of couples now both doing very well, a couple gonna upgraded to be father and mother, congratulations to them first. The another couple will flying off soon for better life, I really wish you both well and have a better life in Canada.

Day two was classic, I was surrounding by girls! Somemore they named themselves as 3J(s) sound like Malaysian's Charlie's Angels. Remember my previous post before I came back that I said I don't have G-string? They really bought a damn sexy G-string for me! Anyway... I still haven't wear it and I don't plan to wear it, I'll keep it well as my best ever souvenir... Haha.

(Picture taken from Huei's Blog)
Huei, Jace, myself and Julieann

At night, again with my one of my old best friend couple for dinner. Imagine we all used to hang up together for so many years, now everyone have to far apart, I really don't know how to take it. Anyway, everyone is leaving for good, I'm sure we all will meet again with better prospect in future.

Day three I hanged out with my another good blogger's friend Princess Eileen before a day she's leaving to Germany for few months. It was a great outing and we did have a very long 8 kong 8 poh session... haha. Anyway, I wish her all the best there. Wish we can meet up again somehow somewhere.

Camwhore with Princess Eileen

In the late night, it was the most hard feeling for me to say goodbye to my housemate, my buddy, my ex-coursemate/classmate, my ex-colleague... We both together fighting for study and career for so many years, now we have to far apart. All I can say is... All the best to you... Kalai, and I wish you will be upgraded very soon in your career and become a father soon. Don't forget to 'yam seng' again when we meet again ok?

Me & Kalai... Yam seng session at home

Now I'm at home in Butterworth, I really wanted to stay more longer here. I really miss my family members and my relatives here. I also miss all the foods here.... argh!!! Anyway... I believe tomorrow will be another better day for all, see you all again in future!

My flight will be on Friday (4.30am), so I have to go back to KL on Thursday evening and have to go to KLIA by midnight. This trip really was the most tired (shifting house) and most memorable in my life so far.

Goodbye All...


AhBoon said...

My dear friend, take good care and alll the best! we go gila again nxtime huh.

Huei said...


have a safe journey ya! and remember us when u come back during cny! heheheh =D

frostier said...

journey mercy to you and hope to see you soon for me outdoor jail activity.


Wingz said...

safe trip wei! tonite want yum char anot?

julieann said...

*sniff sniff*

byebye kenny!! we all will miss u deep deep oh!!! all da best and take care yah!!! this post so kam tung... i cry ledi lar!!!

erinalaw said...

Aiyoh! So fast kah? I were just talking to Wingz yesterday and I wanted to pass u something. Nabeh, that Wingz so busy with ahbeng story and forget to call me liau. Nevermind nevermind, next trip you come back I belanja u. Actually hor, Renoma got a very sexy underwear also leh. Like normal how you wear it but belakang no cloth one. Only 1 cover ur kkc. At the back, very airy. Want to pangsai also easy - that is what my hubby say. Hahaha.......

keeyit said...

I come from Huei blog. Hope you have a safe journey back.. :)

Han said...

Safe trip bro! Now that you have confirmed sell piglet to Dubai, how often they let you come back? Need to plan for the next session. Anyway, do you like bak jam wat kai or bak jam hai (or lo) kai?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...


laundryamah said...

oik? came back n going off so soon? alamak didn't know until now...take care & have a safe trip back to Abu Dhabi..

De Pianist said...

safe trip yea..i know how you feel,especially when you have to leave the loved strong o..=)

_butt said...

balik liao? aiseh. have a safe trip! :D

and a Happy Weekend! :D

Maverick SM said...

You come back also never invite me to karaoke ah? *sob*

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Yor.. time flies. Now you've left.
Take care dude. When is your next trip back to KL?

Iwan Sanchez said...

its ok to be emo at times..

well, how long will u be in dubai again?

wish u success always, bro!!

FL Sam said...

Bro, Have a safe trip. All the best to you. You trip back is really short. Hope to meet up with someday. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Sure thing my friend. Thanks

U too... haha, get ready for CNY ya

Yeah... can't wait for it

Thanks, sorry that night was late to reach KL

Don't cry... everything will be ok.

Wahhh... what u want to pass to me? A hot chick ah? LOL... Renoma g-string? =_=... Pangsai also easy? Pengsan la... LOL

Welcome here and thnaks

Haha... what kai also sapu la. I'll back every few months.

[pisang goreng]
See ya bro

Thanks... not Abu Dhabi anymore, now Dubai.

[de pianist]
I'll be strong, thanks

Thanks, I got no weekend la

Sorry la... not I organised one la

Thanks. My next trip? Maybe during CNY lor

At least 2 years... thanks

[fl sam]
Sure will meet u someday on my next trip ok? Thanks

nyonyapenang said...

I treasure the short chat with you. Hope to see you soon. Take care and God Bless.

suanie said...

why ur hair all white

Kenny Ng said...

U take care too... will you again during CNY ok? Thanks kai ma.

Because I'm old... LOL

Jace said...

aih.. me so sad until dunno wat to comment. Minum kopi TIGA hours with me... MANA CUKUP!!! >.<

Anyway... I will miss u. TAKE CARE!

Kenny Ng said...

Next time I spare my time for u whole day ok? Miss u too... thanks

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