Saturday, December 01, 2007

Back to Battle Field

I'm back to my battle field safe and sound here in Dubai, thank for everyone who wished me well all the way.

It was the most tired trip back to Malaysia which I don't really have a good sleep at all, day time meeting with friends and packed my stuffs, late night shifted my stuffs to my younger brother's place. When I was in hometown (Butterworth) busy meeting up with my relatives and I don't even have time to meet up any of my hometown friends.

On my journey back to KL to get ready for my midnight flight, it was the most hardest moment for me to say goodbye with my parents. When I was in the bus, I looked around the bus station, suddenly the messy place became a warmer place to me, I don't know when I got chance to see it again.

Butterworth Bus Station

Bus counters and stalls under the bridge

The bus journey wasn't smooth at all, there were major construction on the highway and it makes the traffic horrible jam all the way, furthermore with heavy rain and some places infected with flash flood in KL, I reached KL quite late and not able to 'yam char' with some friends who wanted to meet me before I leave.

I just manage to have some drinks with my old best friends and my housemate before he sent me to KL Sentral. I managed to met up my younger brother and say goodbye to him before heading to KL Sentral.

My drinking buddies... Shanker, Ananth, Myself, Kalai & Yuva

This time I don't need to transit for 8 hours so long, my working company change the airline company so I just need to transit for 1 hour at Doha Airport in Qatar.

Flying off from Doha, Qatar

Now I'm back to work with a peace of mind after settled all my stuffs. This time will not be so boring anymore since I brought over my wife (guitar) to Dubai, I'll continue rock on in Dubai!

Back to Battle Field


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

So sad. Don't la say like its a journey of no return. You will definitely be back soon. For CNY!!! Only 2 mths away, don't worry.

angel said...

Happy Battling! Dun wori, time FLIES! Soon, you'll be flying back this way again!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

stay clam bro........
you will back to malaysia alive....

Michael Song said...

glad u r safe mate... diden get to catch up... stay in touch... said...

Maybe suddenly you missed the 'mat rempit' wheezing past your windows :P

nyonyapenang said...

Happy Rocking in Dubai. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

fu yoo bro..
bawak "companion".. hehee!

u r badly missed!!

Johnny said...

Comment from Johnny
welcome back to work
I know is hard time to leave family to far place.
Good Luck..

Huei said...

TAKE CARE OF URESELF! heheheh that doha or qatar? really desert island!!

FL Sam said...

What battle??? Make money and come back richer. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Now I'm praying can come back during CNY la

Sure will... but dunno when only

[pisang goreng]
Haha... ok I promise that, thanks

[michael song]
Thanks... next time ok?

Here also got... but using cars la


Must bawah ma... haha, thanks

Guest u also face the same situation yah?

I will... thanks. Doha is part of Qatar la

[fl sam]
Ha... If can be richer will be good la. Now just gain more experiences as much as I can.

Winn said...

ohhhhhhh back oredi? .so fast! so sudden!!

Netster said...

wah sound so sad... eh ask you ah that fender guitar you no more using right? donate to me please ;) hahahah kidding...

I can feel the sadness wahhh imagine away from home and friends and family and gf...

don't worry you will make new one :0


erinalaw said...

Not sure is it because i read ur blog so often and now my son also fall in love with guitar liau. *faint*. Sometimes, he can pretend playing guitar. Btw, he is only 4+ this year. Come and claim something from me.

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... everything so sudden lor, come n go also sudden

Haha... I dun have fender, that's squier by fender. I brought over to Dubai lor... Ehmmm... I just leave my family n friends... no gf yet la

Aiseh... I got new rocker kaki soon... come I teach ur son to goreng guitar... wakaka... ok, CNY i come n claim from u ok?

Netster said...


I don't have anything to claim ah? hahaha


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said... "wifey" to accompany...hehe...

oooo...i remember that i pernah buy some food at that jambatan...keke..


Jace said...

Doha got no Tree or plants? Sands only?

erinalaw said...

Come lar come lar. CNY you come back, I give u lar. I big tai lei see. Ok, send my son to u to learn to rock with the guitar. Opps, will my apartment runtuh later?

Kenny Ng said...

LOL,... U better message her directly

[woof woof n meow meow]
Haha... Must always bring wifey together ma. U also from Butterworth?

Doha also in middle east ma

Okok... CNY I come! But I don't have ur contact la. No worry, I won't teach him until runtuh ur apartment geh... haha

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