Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to Malaysia

Ladies and gentlemen... Finally I reached Malaysia safe and sound but damn tired, the whole flight journey was a nightmare for me.

Transit in Bahrain for 8 hours is another boring moment to me, the airport is not that big enough for you to walk around and rest. Anyway, I hanged up in the airport Sky Bar for some beers to pass my time there.

While in the flight back to KLIA, I wasn't have chance to sleep at all. Hell... A kid sat next to me really like a worm, never stop playing with the facilities, not only that, when I was about fell sleep, that kid sure will hit me accidentally. I was so pissed and stared at the kid, but that kid seems don't at me at all, the mom also make don't know anything. The flight journey also wasn't smooth at all, was very bad weather out there. So... end up I don't have chance to sleep at all.

Once I touched down KLIA, my fellow blogger buddies Frostier and Sky Keep You were there to fetch me home, how nice they are... Anyway, both of them kidnapped me for the whole afternoon tok kok sing song session together with Wingz, Ah Boon, Golfnick and Han. We 7 batang(s) like came out from jail, fooling around in karaoke room. I can say I never have this kind of laugh for so many months, my stomach and mouth almost cramp... wakakaka.

Then in evening just had dinner with my very damn old best friends and chit chat for the whole night. First time ever never go 'yum seng' with them, because one of them is pregnant now, so happy to see them gonna upgraded soon... haha.

Today, heard there is a big demonstration in town, damn it! This really spoiled my plan to go to town. What's wrong with Malaysia now days? I really sad and disappointed to see it now.

I'm Back!


Selba said...

Welcome back..

Ah... kids can be really annoying, can't they?

So demonstration also starting in KL? Here in Jakarta, too much demonstrations, we even don't care anymore with it.

Iwan Sanchez said...


welcome back bro..

its true oso, takin a flight with a kid beside u can be traumatising... hahaha!!

Wingz said...

welokam bek brader! yesday were great!!! the best kalaokeh by far!

angel said...

Have fun! And waaa, so long away fr M'sia and your Internet access still got!! Heheh...

sun,moon&star said...

welcome back ...

Jace said...

Thanks for your diamondss...
I like it very much =)

FL Sam said...

Bro, welcome back. Enjoy all you can. :)

Error Q said...

hhaha.. welcome back yo~

eh, u should took d photo of tat kid le.. ah :P said...

Enjoy your trip back here

Huei said...

7 batangs playing around in karaoke room


wut's wrong with msia? msia was never right! =P heheh

julieann said...

hmmmmmmmm... last time i also got 1 kid sitting behind me, keep on kicking my seats.. then i beh tahan go and scold that kid in front of da mom. luckily the mom also know how to take care of her kids then... if not i sure hit 9 him!! ahahahaha...

erinalaw said...

7 batangs play around like tat kah? hahaha......... Bila balik Penang? Come back mah call me lar or drop by to visit me. You know Penang well mah, surely can find me easily one.

Ah Pek said...

woi, don bluf lah. Starve for so many months in the ME, never go and giu gai first meh?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

welcome back bro kenny. . . . . . .
enjoy kaw kaw here.....

_butt said...

glad to know you're back safe and sound :D

frostier said...

thanks for ya time too Kenny. At least all of us really get out from the prison.

Looking @ nick singing was like going back to nostalgic time.... hahaha

btw, it was really a great time. btw, 2 wrongs never make it right. :p

nyonyapenang said...

hellooooouuuuu......welcome back to home sweet home. when only i got chance to see you perform kalaoke ala jackie cheung for me ar?

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... kids really annoying when they act like monkey.

Yalor... few times kena like that, really a nightmare.

Yeah bro... I really missed that moment, can turn back the time?

Thanks... I still haven't cancel my internet access ma, but now I cancel already


U're welcome, thanks for the g-string ah

Thanks, I did but also so tired of shifting my stuffs

[error q]
Thanks... take that kid's photo? Wasting my memory space only... wakaka


U lah... dunwan to come, somemore say like this... LOL

Haha... U dare to scold

Sorry la, no time to cross over island la, was busy with my parents and relatives.

[ah pek]
I starve 30 years for never have sex already, u say leh?

[pisang goreng]


Thanks for fetching me anyway. It was a great prison break session so far in my life... Wish we all can do it again in future.

No worry, got chance geh... wait my next trip come back ok? I promise.

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