Thursday, November 22, 2007

Away & Coming Home

Yes... I'll be away for at least 2 days from now in blogsphere while I'm get ready to fly back to Malaysia tomorrow. My flight will be departed from Abu Dhabi not Dubai, so later after work I have to follow another group of my colleagues back to Abu Dhabi.

Now I really don't have mood to work, my heart is already landed in my sweet home land, anyway... I have to settle all pending works before I fly away for 1 week.

I'll transit in Bahrain tomorrow for 8 hours! Hell... really wasting my time, luckily one of my blogger buddy Dale offered to fetch me from KKIA when I arrive. I really appreciate it and very touched. Luckily he is not a girl if not I sure 'kao' her or maybe will rape her liao... wakakaka.

I only started to pack my stuffs this morning before came to work, I also did some check list what to bring back...

My Check List:

Underwear - Checked!
Bra - I don't have to use it
G-String - I don't have it
Condom - I don't have chance to use it
Kukujiao - No need to check la... always stick with me... LOL
Camera - Checked!
MP3 Player - Checked! This 1 important for me when in the plane
Passport - Checked!
Air Ticket - Checked!
House Key - Checked!

I think it's more than enough for this moment, damn! I forgot to bring my mobile phone charger, later lunch hour must go back to get it. Alright... See you all when I back to Malaysia.

See You All Again!!!


Huei said...

welcome back welcome back!!!!!!!!!

come..we (3j) buy u g-string then u can pack it next time edi! hehehe =P

Princess Eileen said...

welcome back!!!! Too bad you gonna miss the bloggers gathering, but no worries :)

julieann said...

huahahahahahahhaa... come come... we wait for u with ur g-string... hahahahahaha...

Selba said...

Have a safe trip home!

Uh oh... sure that Dale is not a gal? still he should be careful, no? kekeke....

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Safe journey oh...

btw, u no pack clothes balik kah?


Chen said...

welcome back home to malaysia, Kenny :)

Iwan Sanchez said...


makan banyak banyak ok

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... dunwan la...

[princess eileen]
Always got next time right? ;)

Aikss... dunwan can ah? :P

Thanks... he no need careful la... LOL

[woof woof n meow meow]
I naked come back ma... opss... only wear underwear ma... wakakaka


That's for sure...

Firehorse said...

Wat type of plane u fly how kam must bling own MP3 player wan? I tot all kapalterbang got musik system just have to tune channel oni?? said...

Enjoy your trip home

moz monster said...

Have a safe trip home !

Elizebeth D.L. said...

So nice one? You can eat lots and lots of malaysian food!

frostier said...

mr SkyKeepYou will be joining me also.

Jace said...

I thank God that my heart is not too kind to pick u up from KKIA.. oops... I mean KLIA... else I will get raped... >.<



Kenny Ng said...

U know me la... I just want classic rock musics ma... so I have to bring my own favorite songs along lor


[moz monster]

[elizebeth d.l.]
Yeah... gonna wallop all!

Good! Will ask him keep the plane if got delay... wakaka

Wakakaka... U think I serious ah? I just joking only.

erinalaw said...

welcome back! welcome back! got take $$$ back boh? Woi! U left ur wife behind kah? Hahahaha.........

Nonnie King said...

Home Sweet Home!

Anonymous said...

i tot on plane cant used MP3 eh...anyway weeeelllcomeee backkk...hv a nice holiday with ur family...

Kenny Ng said...

Got!!! For my parents la. My wife? Who is my wife ah?

[nonnie king]

Can... when the flight took off.

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