Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sicko Me

Sorry for lack of update these few days, I'm still sick and not feeling well. I think my sick due to weather changing here which the wind blow now days getting cooler but the sunlight still very hot.

Now I'm having bad flu, sore throat, fever and some minor illness, but I still have to work everyday as usual. To me everytime I got MC I still went to work unless I really can't get up from my bed. It's been a long long time I never fall bad sick like now.

Two days ago I had nose bleeding and today again, hell, I never had this problem for past 20 years and now it comes back. My colleagues joke with me that my pressure pumped up to my head already, so I need some pleasure to release it, I told them I did TFK as usual. They thought I really need 'sex' to release it, I was thinking, does 'sex' can cure all sickness?

No worry, I'm still in one piece, I just need some rest and more rock music dose into my soul... I'll back for more updates once I'm recover. Rock On!!!

Sick But Still Rock!!!


kat said...

Hey dude! Sorry to hear about your condition. The weather has been blowing hot and cold, so it ain't no fun. Just try to drink more liquids (yoghurt is quite cooling to the body, so you can try some with cucumber and tomato) and get some vit C 1000mg from the pharmacy. We catch up with you over Raya holidays, ok?

TUX said...

Get well soon!! Maybe 12 glasses of water everyday will help you.

janicepa said...

hm.. first of all .. get drunk with WATER..

then .. kekekeke... check out if there is CKJ avail.. kakak.. Joking lah ..

take care dude !

Princess Eileen said...

Oh crap, sex is the remedy "advice" again!!! When I have hormone problems (irregular period and pimples), my friends ask me to have sex.... Bloody hell!!! So whenever my skin better a bit, they will ask me, "You seeing someone ar?" 1@$#@%#$^$%@#$@

Anyway, Kenny please take care ya!!! Nose bleed maybe watch too much porn? Wakakaka.... okok, better dun bully a poor thing so sick overseas alone *Sayang* Hugz* Imagine I do those stupid faces... Wukakakaka :P I bet you are smiling now :P

angel said...

Take care!

day-dreamer said...

Get well soon! Do take care there.

Chen said...

Take care woh..
Hope u get well soon

Anak Merdeka said...

I think this kind of virus is all over the place, even in Malaysia coz I'm also down with the same symptoms (except the nosebleed thing - thank God!).

So, *cough cough* - hope we both get well soon enough, right Kenny? And oh yeah - just drink lots and lots of water. It does help to flush out the bugs and ease the discomfort. Take care Kenny!

Maverick SM said...


Vibrator rosak ka?

Hahaha...have fun lah. Just to cheer you up. Get well soon!!!!

Sweetpea said...

get well soon.

sicko nevermind, can get well. just don't become jacko, that cannot reverse! :P

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for the advices. For your info Raya time I got no holiday, still need to work, furthermore I'll moving to Dubai during Raya time.

12 glasses? I drank more than that everyday wor.

I think get drunk with beer will cure me. CKJ? What is that?

[princess eileen]
They just joking with me la, anyway, everytime people always said it to me, I'm numb with it already.

Haha... if watch too much porn makes me nose bleeding, my blood already dried up in early stage lor. Thanks :)



Thanks, can send some powderful medicine to me ah? LOL

[anak merdeka]
My mom having bad cough too. I think must be the weather. Wish you get well soon too. Thanks

Haha... my vibrator still function well, tip top condition... wakakaka. No worry, I'm sick but I still can joke n cheer.

What is jacko? haha... Thanks

yenjai.net said...

Get more rest.
Get well soon

tanalan2 said...

Hey..wish you get well soon !!!!

Lan Rambai said...

masa kat kl dulu.... u selalu mc apa... hahaha..

dubai people buang sampah kat mana ek? tak buang dalam sungai/laut macam m'sian ka?

Huei said...

rock more!!

drink more water!!!

faster come back booze!!!

get well soon! =D

Iwan Sanchez said...

i also sick bro..

but i tink the weather there is too extreme for u? hmmm.. must take care lah ok...

Michael Song said...

oi, jaga batang tu, dont play play over there... their law unlike our law... got caught khalwat can potong kuku wan leh... careful... speedy recovery k... hehehehe

Kenny Ng said...



[lan rambai]
5 Tahun kat JPS tak pernah ambil MC la, cuti rehat ada lah... haha

I'm rocking now... booze! Yeah, will come back for it.

U take care too... thanks

[michael song]
If I got caught with khalwat, it will be end of world, everything will be gone in this world.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hello. Hope you are already feeling better now. It's normal to fall sick abroad as we are not used to the weather changes. Anyway... forget about the sex advice la. I also fall sick often... not that i don't get sex. Just that my body weak. Crap advice.

Take good care. Drink more water.

Kenny Ng said...

I'm recovering now, much better now, thanks. I never listen to those sex advice la, if I did... I already not... ok, you should know.

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