Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Married...

Yes, I'm serious here, I'm telling the truth here, I think you all must be surprised with this announcement.

I think all of you must be very happy for me that I finally get married. My mum knew about it as I already discussed with her, I just want to give my parents have a nice and comfort life, so I decided to make this decision, I don't want to miss this golden chance in my life.

Now I everyday face with her, but it's quite tough to handle her sometimes. Anyway, I can't live without her, I really need her badly. I don't know am I really love her, but I have to force myself to love her madly, truly and deeply. I decided to take care of her all the time from now.

How come I don't have a girlfriend and suddenly I'm getting married? Well, I already think about it for long time, since no body want me, and only she is waiting for me, so I have to take this opportunity.

Wonder who is my wife? Alright... now I tell you all, she is...




SilverIsle said...

Work too much dy. Siao liao. Haha.

TUX said...

I did not know you were so sick the last few days...or is it the water there in Dubai???

day-dreamer said...


*shakes head*

FireHorse said...

LOL, I was lyk "HUH" how come just the other day say virgin, now boh soo boh tai (no good reason) go get married. Just remember dun take "her" to bed too often 'kay? Sometime need rest oso.

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak bro..

ur entry always suspense one..


Princess Eileen said...

Hehe... i know it after I read the subtitle... Your tapeworm princess knows lar... wukakaka... At least you got something committed.. I dangling on the line of nothing to hang on :P

clement said...

ha ha, got any big makan? ha ha ha

julieann said...

chehhhhhhhhhhh.... i tot is ur guitar... mana tau is ur work.. potong stim lar!!! hahahahaha...

Nonnie King said...

So how's sex with your wife?

AceOne118 said...

I know you got quietly keep Dubai girls in your room wan. Hahahaha. Now your secret bocor ledi!

Selba said...

Waaaahhh.... should I congrats you? You sure you love your 'wife'? kekekeke...

laundryamah said...

eh u ok or not? sked me only!

Chen said...

Should i congrate u or...
should i console u? :P

Michael Song said...

god damn u... y u steal my wife from me? niamah... im married to her 7 yrs ago leh... please dont break our family... plssssss...

Maverick SM said...

Hello Kenny,

Get yourself a wife lah!

otherwise you'll become impotent...hehehehe

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... nolah, too bored la.

Not coz water la, I think is the foods and weather changed.

U took ecstasy pill ah? Dun shake head la... LOL

Haha... no worry, I'll try to get rest when got time. Thanks

Wakaka... Like that only fun ma

[princess eileen]
Why cannot tipu you one ah? Maybe my tipu skill still not up to the level... Nothing to hang up? Got lah, your Prince charming mission leh? Wakakaka...

Got! Just finished... LOL

Wakakaka... U another one kena.

[nonnie king]
Work on it mean 'sex' on it lor... LOL

If I really keep girls, there will be end of world lor.

Haha... whatever will do.

I'm ok, don't worry ah, sorry to make u scare.

Ermm... both also no need, just give mental support can liao.

[michael song]
Come on! Your wife and my wife are different field, nothing related. Furthermore I don't steal people's gf or wife one. I mean married here is I just want to put 100% with my 'wife'.

Hahaha... impotent? No worry la, earn money 1st then only think to get a real wife la. said...

What can I say?

tanalan2 said...

Wah..u gave me a really big surprised leow lor....haha . Everybody is getting married to their work !!! Hey hows Raya in DUbai ????? Post some pics lar...

Jace said...

Congrats... -_-''

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hahahaha.... joker!
Dubai too hot until you got fever liao issit? Siao!!! Hahaha.

Sean said...

Wah... then you gonna bring your wife (work) to meet the parents? haha!!!

Btw, I have tagged you at
Hope you will write about it~!

lynnx01 said...

Hi there, I was just blog hopping. And I think it's a good post to fool people. Maybe I should curi this idea to create some buzz. Haha.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... why condolence? Should congrats me ma

I don't celebrate Raya, so I have to work, told you all I married to work, there is no holiday to me. No pics coz no time to go around.

Thanks... kekeke

Haha... now not that hot anymore lor...

I've already showed them... haha
Ok... will see the tag

Haha... don't say curi la, u can just us it, I treat it as sharing information :)

LP said...

Heh, at least you married her for the money. Congratulations!!! :)

W_W_H said...

hey man, r u seriouos???

De Pianist said...

hope you have a blissful marriage with your 'wife',work hard on 'her',and you'll get a lot of money babies soon..heheehehhe..=p

narrowband said...

Wow married to work!! This is a danger zone everybody must try to avoid...!!! Because everytime divorce will be costly (losing rice-bowl leh).... Unless got another 'girl' waiting to marry....

l y n n w e i said...


married to work is not bad too....

hope u'll find happiness it it!!


Kenny Ng said...

Haha... yeah

Yes,I'm serious

[de pianist]
Will more hard work to earn more babies... hahaha

No worry of it. Got many 'gals' for me to marry... haha

Trying to get happiness on it. Thanks

may said...

so when are the Triplets due, ha?

Kenny Ng said...


belle said...

fuck you la kenny! ahahhahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

U dare to fuck me or not? LOL

erinalaw said...

u dare to accept belle challenge moh sin? hahaha........ Like that, I had married many many years ago liau lor b4 marry to my current lohkong. You work until sot sot liau leh?

Kenny Ng said...

I dare not challenge her la, saja kacau only... haha. I mean married here is 100% into work, no more enjoy life for me.

janicepa said...

ish.. so long din drop by.. manatau u sudah kahwin

aiyo... that's it lah .

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... u missed out

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