Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Desert Road

Last week me and a colleague together went to make U turn at Oman just to extend our visit visa in UAE, my working visa still in process so I have to renew my visit visa before it expired. Anyway, I already confirmed to work permanent in Dubai for the project, I really got mixed feeling on it right now, I still not sure when I can come back to settle my personal matters.

Let's just forget about my story, here I just wanted to share with you all some nice scene in this desert land during my journey from Dubai to Oman.

The desert safari

Looks hot yeah? But the temperature now is not that hot anymore

In between Hatta and Oman

In Hatta

Somewhere middle of the journey

Seems like everyone observed my hair colour changed in my previous post, actually this is my original hair colour, before this I dyed into brown black colour, I got plenty of grey/white hair. Now I don't have time to dye my hair so I just leave it as original colour after I cut my hair.

The Desert Road


angel said...

Waaa... no kambek liao? Nvm la... can earn alot alot of $$$ then oni kambek! ;)

clement said...

you look so old... wanna ask u, contractor from malaysia to dubai don't earn very much is it?

_butt said...

you decide to stay permanently in Dubai?? you don't miss us here? :(

nice desert pictures. but it must be real 'dusty' there eh, with the sands and all :)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Kenny dai lo.. dun dye ur hair!! Leave it grey and black.. i think really nice on you.. very very yau yeng!!!!

Nonnie King said...

Its okay, we'll eat nasi lemak, fried kueh tiao, pan mien, nasi ayam, etc etc for cheap and low price everyday nd post many many in our blog.

Btw, How come I don't see any cactus or skeleton in the photos?

FL Sam said...

I tried the Dessert Safari 10+ years ago. Very ineteresting. Look like you have settle down at Dubai already. :)

Huei said...

leave it white! more yeng!!!

should grow ur hair longer n c if u look like that um..crap i forgot the name..i think ekin cheng starr wan!

u r one true blogger..middle if the journey go down n take photo! =P heheheh

erinalaw said...

like tat is call yeng cai mah............

Princess Eileen said...

Muahaha.... uncle Kenny!!!! AIseh, maybe attract more gals. Gals love mature guys remember? In fact, you look a bit like my pa. Should seriously show u my pa's pic with sunglasses. Wukakaka

Anak Merdeka said...

Let me guess the personal matter u wanna settle back in Malaysia - dye your hair issit? LOL!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...dun dye dun dye...u look more "yeng" leh..so leng chai..

hehe =P

julieann said...

fuwahhhhhhhhhh... ur hair liddat more yeng and leng chai wey... no need dye lar... now white color hair called "IN" ah...

Clare said...

Richard Gere also got silver grey hair mar...and all the girls throw themselves at him...Kenny the Rocker can be the next Richard Gere...Phewwiiit!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

original colour..

looks ash.. hehee! Nice..

neway, i have this fear of goin to the desert whereby snakes will tiba tiba come out from nowhere underneath the sand..

scary rite..

Kenny Ng said...

Got come back, but not that often lor

I dunno, I'm not handling financial, I'm into technical so I don't care about earning or not.

How dare I don't miss you all? I got no choice ma. Yah, desert is full of dust, U have to clean up your house everyday.

Sure or not? Like that I look old la, all girls will run away la...

[nonnie king]
Don't do that to me please... I don't see any cactus or skeleton here.

[fl sam]
Have to make used of all kinds of environment lor, cari makan mah.

Leave it white? My mum don't like wor. I dunwan like Ekin Cheng la, I'm a rocker ma, I'm myself :P

Ha? Like that call yeng cai? I better shave until botak lor.

[princess eileen]
Now you call me uncle, never mind... anyway, this is not look matured, it's look old la.

[anak merdeka]
LOL... not that la.

[woof woof n meow meow]
Ha? You sure or not? I last time never dye my hair also no girls want wor, how?

You sure or not? Don't later call me uncle lor, if not I 'farn min' lor...

My friends used to call me Richard 'Gear' instead of Gere... LOL, but me this Gear cannot attract girls one la.

Looks ash nice meh? Snake... hmmm, sure have in this kind of places.

yenjai.net said...

Hope you will enjoy your life over there

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Woi!!! What happened to you! Did you dye your hair??

Until now still have not gotten your first flyback to KL? I think you better nego with your boss to allow you to return home. Pity la.. you have been away from home for so long!

Jace said...

wah... Uncle Kenny.. ur wife really makes u look so old =P

kat said...

Kenny, your wife very keng-lah... keep you so occupied until hair oso turn white!! I bet a lot of guys envy you.... hahahaha...

The desert is very nice-hor? So quiet and desolate.. I'd like to spend a few hours alone there enjoying the desert wind and loneliness.

Kenny Ng said...

I'm here to work, no time for me to enjoy la

That's my original hair colour la. Hopefully I can go back in November la.

Actually, I'm old ma

Ha? Guys envy me? How come?
Yeah, desert very nice when the weather not so hot like now, really can relax my mind when looking at the scenery.

De Pianist said...

wasai..your hair..but actually..quite yao yeng wor..hehehe..

there look so dry le..drink more water o..^^

Suharude said...

It's Kenny Gere alright.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i think is nearly winter lor... bro kenny
may be that why not very hot...

Simple American said...

Looks kind of neat. I was born in Arizona desert, so I am fond of desert. :)

Good to see you are persevering there.

janicepa said...

'scared me' .. faster go dye ur hair lah .. u wan me to send you some hair color.. kekekeke

Lan Rambai said...

waaa.. long time never come here.. ur hair turn white again ahhh.. hahaha. how come i didn't notice u die ur white hair???

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Where got yeng? Yah, here very dry, have to drink more water.

Haha friend, that's what you called me.

[pisang goreng]
Yah, it's already into winter time

[simple american]
Wow, you were born in Arizona desert, it's a cool place.

Haha.. you are the 1st person complain my white hair, ok... send more colour come! :P

[lan rambai]
Haha, last time I seldom dye ma, then last year I dyed more often, now I stop dying my hair again.

Netster said...

hehehe must be missing Malaysia already ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... Very much indeed

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