Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another Simple Cooking

I think I addicted with cooking already since I started to cook for others when staying in Dubai. To live in Dubai, you have to share with others for the foods, because this way you can save a lot money for foods.

Few days back I tried to cook one of my favorite food fried rice, all my colleagues not sure how to cook so I just whack only then the end result only to decide after eat it.

So I just cooked some garlic, prawns, onions and potato in the beginning stage, then fried some chickens. The rice I fried with tomato sauce and a little bit of oyster sauce.

My simple ingredients

Fried some chicken

The results... I did it again! Even tough it's simple but everyone were so enjoying the fried rice and no balance at all in the end. One of my colleague said can give me 80%, but what I think is I still got plenty of room to improve on it.

Final result...

At the same time, I also did some experiment to mix Laban and orange juice together, the result... taste like Vitagen's orange flavor! That's another healthy drink instead of alcohol I used to drink so often in the past... hahaha.

Laban mixed with orange juice

Cooking is Fun!!!


erinalaw said...

One thing for sure......... you will survive there and I am happy for you. Now we know you can cook so well. Next time you come back, you cook for us har?

may said...

must shake the juice and laban a bit more, it looks kinda lumpy in that glass... lol!

johnny said...

wao wao..
ur cooking is nice.

De Pianist said...

uncle kenny should cook for me d lah..looks like you have new skills d..hehehe...

Maverick SM said...

You are a great cook! Would you do it for us when you are back? hehehhe

Iwan Sanchez said...

looks delicious bro!!

steady lah bro, rockers oso know how to cook hor!!


lynnx01 said...

In college, I learn that anything with oyster sauce comes out yummylicious. It was also that time I found out my family don't use oyster sauce because my sister is allergic to seafood. Btw, the fried chicken looks good!

Shopaholicfern said...

Eh, next time my mom is not around, u cook for me lah...i'm terrible at it..hehe...
the fried rice look delicious.

Firehorse said...

Good for you.....the food looks delicious too. Cooking is a skill, the more you do it the better you get at it, the more adventurous you become too, when I was your age I could not even "steam" fish even if you put a gun to my head. Malu nia...:(
My hubby telan telan the uncooked fish until the neck oso short and long.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Kenny dailo.. next time comeback malaysia we join venture open restaurant!!!

angel said...

not bad worrr... jz read more cooking blogs! :)

Michael Song said...

i think u must hav forgotten how the beer taste like :P

_butt said...

nice to see you have fun with your food experiment! :D

have a good week ahead over there :)

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... thanks, if I got chance to come back la.

The pic was taken before I stir it la.

Looks cool only, taste ok ok only la.

[de pianist]
Haha... not you cook for me meh? Yah, I like to learn new skills.

Haha... can if you prepare all the ingredients? :P

Rockers can do many thing one... hehe

Oyster sauce really makes big different for the taste. The fried chicken I also got mixed a little bit of oyster sauce :)

Hahaha... I afraid you don't want to eat only.

No need to be malu la, many also don't know ma. As we all have to learn from small to old right? Cheers...

Ok! Set! Wait for me ah

Hmm... I afraid I don't have time to read more blogs now days.

[michael song]
Don't think here is so ulu, we got beers here and now I got 3 bottles of Chivas... wakakaka

I don't have weekend here la, 7 days working la.

Anak Merdeka said...

Kenny, a lot of girls like men who can cook. So next time you meet nice girl, make sure you don't be shy to demo your skills!!

And yes, your fried rice really looks very good.

Netster said...


Actually I more worried UAE is boring than your nice cooking. since you show cast so much of your cooking I sense that you feel like want to come back Malaysia fast fast. hahahhahaha

laundryamah said...

wahhhh *clap clap clap* so clever to cook leow....

sengkor said...

laban is wht ah? yoghurt ah? yer, y i so stupid one?

Jace said... fast second round? I've not ready yet... =P

Princess Eileen said...

Wahhhhh... change job, Kenny!!! Become chef... the experimental one. Wuakakakaka... Remember you promise cooking for me o.. *ahem ahem*

Kenny Ng said...

[anak merdeka]
Haha... really meh? I'll take note about it. Thanks

Yeah... I wish can come back now

Thanks thanks

Yah, some kind of yogurt, I only know when I come to Dubai

Haha you lose this time :P

[princess eileen]
Haha... thinking to... Sure I promise that, dun worry ;)

Huei said...

so hungryyyy!!! i wannnn!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Come la... I cook for u :P

tanalan2 said...

Wah in Malaysia has Penang Char Kuey Teuw, Penang Asssam Laksa..Tha Fried rice, Indonesian Fried rice, here we have Kenny's Dubai Fried rice wor...

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... cari makan only la...

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Can consider open restaurant in Dubai? Call it Let's Crap, Let's Rock, Let's Eat!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... I'm not that good la. Thanks

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