Monday, October 29, 2007


In middle east, camel is the most precious animal in the desert land. I can see it almost everyday because next to my working project site is Dubai Camel Racing Course.

I still haven't see how fast is camel can run, I'll try to see it if got time. Here are some pictures I took about camels, I no need to go Zoo Negara to see camels... kekeke.

Taikor camels crossing road

Camels crossing road, all cars have to stop and give way to the Taikor camels

This picture was taken during my U-turn trip to Oman, somewhere near Hatta

Feeding the camel

Background with desert and camels

Camels only can be seen at certain areas, not everywhere in Dubai because too much development is on going now. I was wearing the Camel's brand cargo pant, luckily the camels didn't kick me out of there.... Wakakaka.

The Camels


erinalaw said...

Your new transport also lar. hehehe

Iwan Sanchez said...

did u colour ur hair?

looks like an ash colour!!

Wingz said...

brader your hair changed kaler ledi ar?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ei, how come ur hair colour diff 1?

hair kena "sunburn" kah? hehe...kidding...


Michael Song said...

see camel, smoke camel too... :)

kat said...

Hahaha... dude, everyone notice your hair liao!! Imagine what everyone will say when they actually see you when you go back!!

Cute-lah, the camel's face. Did you try riding them ah?

Huei said...

aww! cute camels!!

poor thing..getting kicked out by developments >.< said...

I am not sure our zoo negara have any camels :P

Maverick SM said...


U spent more time with Camel than Excavators?


Kenny Ng said...

Haha... if can I want to, but Dubai all roads become expressways, Camels are not allow to use the roads.

Haha... That's my original hair colour, I got serious grey hair.

Yalor, no time to dye to black colour

[woof woof n meow meow]
Haha... that's my original hair colour, I got grey hair.

[michael song]
That's too strong for me

Haha... when I come back sure everyone can't recognise me. I wish can try to ride on camel one day.

Yalor... they are so tame and cute.

Yes... Zoo Negara got!

Haha... I don't operate excavator ma, I just monitor it.

kat said...

BTW, multiply can access now. Unblocked already!

tanalan2 said...

Wah Camel can run wan argh ??? Somemore can race wor...hehe....

_butt said...

I wonder what would happen if one were to release them. would they run off? lol

aik, your hair looks a bit different geh?

Kenny Ng said...

Ok, thanks, I still no time to check it out.

You'll never know

I don't think they will run off. Yah, that's my original hair colour.

Jace said...

Can camel meat be eaten or not?

Kenny Ng said...

I dunno lor, I won't eat it.

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