Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kenny Ng Can Cook!!!

Since I stay in Dubai for work, I've learned so many things to be a survivor here. All the while I just watch my mum and others how they cook but I never did it myself.

Yesterday (Friday) after half day work, I tried to cook a simple dish to share with my colleagues, the others cooked some other dishes too. Surprisingly, everyone said the taste is excellent and the dish I contributed finish in just few minutes time. I was so proud of myself... :P

My simple cooking

Its a mixture of bake beans, potato, carrot, sausage, onion and tomato. I started with fried the potato then put in sausage. After that onion and carrot put together to cook with potato, finally the bake beans and tomato to mix in for the final stage, I also add some chili sauce and salt for better taste. I forgot to add some eggs into it, anyway... it taste good! (so thick skin, self-praise pula... Wakakakaka)

Kenny Ng Can Cook!


Iwan Sanchez said...


memang look so sedap!

maybe when u are back in KL, can cook for ur frens too ok?


Nonnie King said...

It does look nice.
Make me hungry nya...
You eat with rice ah?

Cocka Doodle said...

Niasing...from rockers' blog now becomes food blog ah?

Did you and your colleagues fart like mad that day? LOL

Michael Song said...

i know tis recipe too... if put mah ling luncheon meat also sedap...

erinalaw said...

Wah........ look also know it is good already. It will goes very well with bread. Yum yum

Anak Merdeka said...

You got potential to be a good cook, Kenny!

I give you one simple recipe to try, ok?

Cut some hotdogs into small pieces, fry them until nice and brown. Dish out.

Cut some potatoes into small squares, coat with some salt, and fry them until nice and brown.

Next, slice 3 big onions into strips, fry them until it smells wonderful, add in the cooked potatoes and hotdogs, mix altogether and add some ground black peppper.

Voila! A lovely dish to go with your rice.

This is my kids' favourite dish which I specially made for them. Hope you like it too. :-)

Suharude said...

You cook this? You call this simple cooking? It's look good to me and i'm sure the taste is good too. You got some talent here.

Jace said...

ooh... let's battle!

Huei said...

mmm..looks yummy! but so little sausage wan??

Princess Eileen said...

Wah, someone just spice up his "resume" ler... Muahahaha... A guy that cooks is a plus plus!!! Saja buat promosi of Kenny Ng izzit? Wukakaka

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

This looks much better than the mee goreng. Haha!

Congrats! I guess its basic instinct. When you have no choice, you will do it, right?

So how was the whole meal? How was the other dishes that your colleagues cooked? Was that your best meal in Dubai? Anyway, when are you going back to KL?

Kenny Ng said...

Can... u guys sponsor money la. :P

[nonnie king]
Yes, we eat with rice

Haha... rocker also need to eat ma. Nope, we didn't fart.

[michael song]
Sorry, only halal foods are allow in the house.

I always love this dish too.

[anak merdeka]
Thanks for the tips, I don't have so much ingredients here, so I just cook as simple as I can. Will try to get more ingredients soon.

Thanks for appreciate it.

Ok... round 1 fight!

Limited sausage I got ma...LOL

[princess eileen]
Ah? What promotion? Nolah, actually I like to cook but dare not try at all, now I think I'm addicted to it... kekeke

Thanks. The whole meal was great, all very enjoy with it. Other dishes got curry chicken which I also involved but I forgot to snap the pic.
Back to KL? I still don't know when la... sigh.

zewt said...

good good... well done... i wanna eat.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... sure, when I come back la

Netster said...

kolian... must cook yourself heheheh

Kenny Ng said...

Bo bien la... haha

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