Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some Interesting Places in Dubai

Finally got little bit time to go around in Dubai in this 2 days after work, but it still very rushed. My colleague brought me around for foods and to buy some goods for breakfast, then we rushed back to hotel.

In Dubai really difficult to get breakfast, we have to prepare ourself for breakfast, so we went to malls to get some stuffs to cook every morning.

2 nights ago after work, we went to a Chinese restaurant for a nice dinner, he told me the shop is own by Malaysian and the chefs are from China. The restaurant is location at Dune Building in Al Satwa.

Noodle Bowl Restaurant, we only ordered 2 dishes, a plate of rice and green tea, it costs us AED 80 which is near to RM 80 in Malaysia. See... got pork! The taste is not bad at all.

Yesterday he brought me to Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. This mall is very unique, it has 7 different kind of contries design. We just spend about an hour there to get our stuffs for foods, so I just quickly snap some pictures, the pictures may not that nice because I was so rushing.

This mall is bigger than Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur, imagine 1 hour can walk how much?

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

China Court

Cheng Ho's Ship in China Court

The smaller version...

This one in India Court

Nice design in Persia Court

In Egypt Court

Tunisia Court... Looks like at outdoor

Nice ceiling design

Unique decoration

Still got few more courts I still not discover, we were rushing back to hotel to resume the work. Today I'll back to Abu Dhabi for 2 nights because the hotel will be occupied by my directors. I really like nomad here, move here and there... haha.

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai... still no time to go

Emirates Tower

That's all... Stay tuned, I'll update more when I got time.

Have A Nice Week!


angel said...

WOW! I really sukak the interior deco of the mall! Very nice!

De Pianist said... many courts leh..different designs somemore..great!

Iwan Sanchez said...



conan_cat said...

wah!! the mall the interior deco really cun lor!! i like the indian court looks very nice to me! that mall is certainly prettier than midvalley XD

and rm80 for those dishes...? @__ooo aiks... sakit hatinya... haha. come back malaysia and you can eat all you want...

Will said...

wow impressive...

so there IS pork served there la? interesting :P

13th Panda said...

OH!that's why i c u at holicay inn

13th Panda said...

OMG! wrong comment in d worng window



actually i wanna say sayang only 1 hour to spend at such a splendid mall

AceOne118 said...

Woah! the place so nice and clean.

a^ben said...

SO NICE!!!!!!

more pic more pics!!!!

take pic of u cooking breakfast wei :D ahahha

may said...

it's great that you got to check out some interesting scenes despite being rushed. weekend is coming, go far and wide and see more, ya!

tanalan2 said...

Assalamualakum..... HRC. Mind getting me a HRC T shirt ???????? Pay u back lar broder said...

Expensive like crazy wor, the pork

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah!@ there oso got pork....
not bad at all....

at here mahlai sia i think they wanna to ban ledi....

really piss off to them la

Jace said...

Dubai also got pork kah?
not bad not bad.
real pork ar?

Kenny Ng said...

yeah, their workmanship also world class!

[de ianist]
Yalor... so interesting


[conan cat]
Mid Valley no way to beat them, their workmanship also so smooth. 2 person for AED80 is ok la once awhile.

That's pork in the pic, sure got served ma. Some malls got selling porks too.

[13th panda]
LOL... so ooh loong. Yah, no choice, here we are fighting with time.

Only clean in malls, some places also like our country quite dirty.

More pics sure will come but not my breakfast la... LOL

I got no weekend here, Friday is weekend here and now I still in office. We are working 7 days a week here.

What is HRC T Shirt? I got no time to shop la... will see how ok?

Yah, no choice.

[pisang goreng]
They got no right to ban all... don't worry.

Real pork la... u want kena poke ah? LOL

Princess Eileen said...

Wah..... you should take more time to go look see look see around Dubai. Hope you have enough rest besides working. Take care ya! *hugz*

tanalan2 said...

HRC = Hard Rock Cafe

spookygrace said...

Nice ceilings.. one word "RICH".. kekeke

FL Sam said...

Wow. So modern and well designed mall. look like you enjoying your stay there. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
Haha... I wish I got time to do so, now if got time I better rest at home. Thanks :)

I dun think I got time to go la

Yah, they are too RICH. Haha

[fl sam]
Enjoy? No, I still enjoy to stay in Malaysia.

Maverick SM said...

Hi Kenny,

You seem to be having a good time in Dubai.

Take good care and don't come back with one new GF. Many is OK.

Winn said...

it seems very spacey there

Anonymous said...

You don't know me. I was surfing around when i read about your Dubai trip. I have seen some pictures of Dubai (whether outdoor and indoor). I understand that there are not many ppl outdoor due to the hot weather...but i alwiz see that it is so less ppl (less congested) in the indoor ie shopping centre. Is the architecture so big that ppl are well 'dispersed' around?

_butt said...

whoaaaaa... *amazed* beautiful!! I love the persia court especially :)

have a good sunday!

Michael Song said...

wah eating babi in muslim country... cool cool...

Kenny Ng said...

Good time? Haha... all the time working only. GF? Many somemore? LOL... I'm not qualify la.

Yes.. very!

Thanks for dropping by. Anyway, some places really has lot of people outside especially in construction sites. In malls, it's very congested, I can say 80 to 90% people there are not local people.

Good Sunday? Me everyday also work here, no weekend at all.

[michael song]
Nothing to shout about la.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

How come suddenly so many posts??

I know Ibn Batutta... this guy was in our sejarah text book. But I forgot who he is or what he did. Hahaha.

Can you find pork everywhere in Dubai?

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... u didn't visit frequently ma. Pork? Yah, but limited la, some supermarket got sell it.

Bernard said...

Nice themed courts eh? Thanks for sharing these photos.

MiccObaYb said...

:'( I wanna go dubai! You're lucky! Did you see the crazy expensive hotel? Haha..heard you have to pay for it just to LOOK.

Kenny Ng said...

U r welcome

Yah, the hotel just opposite my office not far away. Have to pay few hundreds RM for visit include a meal if not mistaken.

Huei said...

cool! very nice place!!

dubai is really worth visiting hor?

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... very worth

Anonymous said...


dubai is a good place to vist


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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