Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hot and Foggy

Here I quick update about weather Abu Dhabi - Dubai. Now I'm staying in Abu Dhabi again and have to travel to Dubai for work every morning.


Usually it's very foggy due to the extreme temperature changed. When I saw it in the morning I thought was cooling outside, but it's not, it still warm and very humid.

Foggy scene from the villa I stay

In the highway, still foggy. The driving direction here is left handed drive.


The temperature really can kill you if you not use to it. It's about 44-45 degree c here now, but it also dropped down slowly as the summer is going to be end here.

The hot desert

Desert road

In my working construction site, I really become BBQ here.

Here are the camels, it's normal to be seen here


In the evening the temperature is not so hot, but still can feel the hot wind blow over.

Evening scene in Dubai, that's their highway toll, everything is automatic, you have to use their highway card to pass through it, other else, you'll be fined.

Sunset moment, that's the main power station plant in Dubai.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


Michael Song said...

telur sudah masak?

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah... 45 degrees?!!!

thats crazy!!

bro, u must put on lots of sunscreen lotion..

take care

kat said...

Small little card-hor, this salik. Unlike smartTag..

I thought DXB is cooler that AD? Here I don't see any fog geh..

So how long are you staying in AD this time?

Chen said...

44 to 45 degree celcius..
i want to stay indoor
air cond full blast :d

belle said...

wuuahH! kenny now u are super hot tan rocker lor! hawttt!!!!!
take pic let me see!! strip strip strip!
sorry ah nowdays so busy no time lepak here don angry me woh

Will said...

wah... manyak panas it seems... definitely not a place i wanna be during summer

Kenny Ng said...

[michael song
Hampir hampir masak!

sunscreen also no use here... haha

Yalor... here everything so advance. Dubai n AD no different, same hot. Maybe u stay in AD City, the fog is not much there. I still dunno how long I gonna stay in AD, but I prefer stay in AD than Dubai.

We all work in aircon full blast office and live in aircon full blast whole house... haha

U really want to see I strip? Later u enter General Hospital I dunno la... LOL

No body want to, but I really respect to those construction workers in the site.

Cocka Doodle said...

Yeah, I remember we could not work on the oil rig at the repair yard during the heights of summer afternoons because the engine rooms were like oven.

We would have a long lunch break and come back in the evening.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah.. really ada camels walking everywhere?? And wow! Can see The Burj from the skyline pic. Cool!

45 degrees... really can BBQ. 40 degrees here also I wanna pengsan liao. How those ppl tahan working on construction site?

Kenny Ng said...

[cocka doodle]
Yah, people here will start work early morning, then long break during lunch till evening then resume their work.

Not that much camels can see, I was staying opposite Burj Dubai last week leh... haha. Yah, I really respect those workers can tahan the heat, we all can stand for few minutes only then fast fast ran into car with full blast aircon, hahaha.

Jace said...

Open a bbq restaurant there.

BBQ Kenny rogers.

Kenny Ng said...

=____= u want to eat ah?

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