Monday, September 03, 2007

Random Report From Dubai

Hello everyone, how's Malaysia now days? Got raining? Here no rain since summer and the weather still very hot (44-45 degree c) at day time and very humid during night time. I'm here for working and not for vacation. I have to work 7 days a week and will stay at here for at least 1 month long.

I'm now staying in Dubai after 2 nights staying in Abu Dhabi. Both places got it's unique lifestyles. Abu Dhabi is the capitol in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Dubai is the most develop state in UAE.

The time different in UAE is +4 GMT compare to Malaysia is +8 GMT. I still adjusting my body time here such as sleeping and eating. When evening I can feel very tired because Malaysia time is already late night. The expenses here are very expensive, I really not afford to buy anything here.

Now let me share with you all some pictures I taken during this few days in this desert world...

This is inside Abu Dhabi's Airport, on my way to immigration counter to check my passport and collect my luggage. The arch looks so nice.

The largest mosque in the world located in Abu Dhabi.

My office's window view, can see the 7 stars hotel in Dubai. This office just for temporary use until the site project office is complete then we'll move to site office.

In the highway, their road construction really world class standard, I don't feel bumpy at all from Abu Dhabi to Dubai (more than 100km). Anyway, the accident rates here is very high too, I can see car accidents everyday.

Mall of Emirates, this is the one mall with the indoor ski, I still no time to discover inside.

Massive development

Right now I'm staying at Al Murooj Rotana Hotel & Suites in Dubai, I wonder why my bosses don't want to stay there, they asked me and another 2 colleagues to stay there. I tell you, it's a 5 stars standard suites, once we entered the suite, we all were so amazed. Anyway, it's under company, I will never afford to stay in this kind of place. Coming here is like live like a king but work like a slave... haha!

Imagine, the internet connection in this Hotel & Suites is not free! The charges is UAD25 that mean about RM25 per hour! So now I just can online during working hour.

The living hall

Dining and study corner

Another view of dining area

My room

Front view with massive construction

Another view of massive construction

Swimming pool just right infront, but we don't see anyone swim there

Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world still under construction, it just opposite of the suites I stay now.

I Miss Malaysia!!!


Nonnie King said...

It's totally different from what I imagined.

Too bad you had to work 7 days a week nya. Got chance must walk around and take more pictures for sua-ku like me!

SilverIsle said...

Woah. Damn nice. But aikz. 7 days a week. Anywayz, enjoy your work there! Stay there a couple more days after your work ends for sight seeing lar. Malaysia misses you too. Haha.

janicepa said...

so fast miss malaysia already ar ??

tell us more bout dubai..the nite life, btw got alcohol o not ??

u need some supplies ?? kakaka..

angel said...

Wah liao eh... really ada kelas...

KL here ah? Been raining every now and then :)

Princess Eileen said...

Haha, Malaysia miss you too!!! (Feel better after I say that?)

Live like a king, but work like a slave.... haha, poor thing... dunno what to say lar. But luckily you still live like a king :)

Well, time passes faster than a blink of an eye... *literally speaking when you look back* So enjoy it when you can! Take care!

Winn said...


babyfiona said...

40++ degree i wanna pengsan! 7 days a week! double pengsan!

clement said...

you building that tall building???

may said...

Dubai looks cool. reminds me a little of Beijing with all the construction going on, though. Internet access is not free in Singapore hotels either, not sure about KL ones.

send me a postcard please... ;-)

narrowband said...

WOW you're staying at some future 'prime' location (maybe it is already, now?). The tallest building in the world is truly a superb engineering feat.

Oh you have to work 7 days, that sucks but then it's the norm I guess, alot of my seniors work 7 days too when they're overseas! It's all about the deadline, nothing else~!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Woahh... Dubai is really something, eh. The Burj Dubai is really awesome. I heard that no other building is ever gonna beat that. Guess it will be holding the record for a very, very long time.

I like the saying: Live like a king, but work like a slave. Good one. Haha!

Take care dude!

Chen said...

Big room, but too bad u can't spend much time inside it. Hopefully u can come back home to Malaysia soon ;)

Kenny Ng said...

[nonnie king]
Haha... 7 days work for me is quite normal already.

Haha... thanks

Dun think will go for night life as I never did in KL too. SOmemore after work damn tired la, everything so expensive, alcohol got! Haha

Ada kelas but kerja lembu. Haha.. Thanks for update.

[princess eileen]
Hmmm... I still feel want to come back la... haha! But I do felt time flies fast since I so busy everyday.


Haha... me still not pengsan

Nop... how I wish!

Give me ur address... please

Yeah, date line is the killer factor to everyone here. All the construction period are too short compare to our country.

Yeah... that building damn awesome! But still in secret how tall will it be. Haha.. I created this word... geng leh?

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... I hope so too...

Wennnn said...

Waaa memang ada kelas all those things. But like U say live like a KING work like a slave??? Welll tat is why lor ur company gave U the luxury so U can work for them 7 days and 7 nites without really enjoying the luxury issit??? MIssing M'sia?? Me do too!!

FL Sam said...

Wow. Really nice suite and the development in Dubai is crazy. Malaysia cannot compared to them.

So big suite, I come an visit and stay there. Otherwise I cannot afford. :) said...

Can ask company to delay your flight back, so you can walk around for 2 days?

erinalaw said...

see.......... another good place for you to stay. Not that bad mah. But food and weather ...... i can understand how u are going to feel lor. My hubby read ur blog and found out you are in Dubai and he ask me to tell you 'chok nei hoh wan' - coz he had been there so many time and everytime got to stay there few weeks.

a^ben said...

great that we actually can see some pictures of other places overseas` how's the lifestyle? more busy than kl?

Kenny Ng said...

Is like that lor, give u nice place to stay and expect u to work 10x harder.

[fl sam]
Come come... but I dun have transport wor... how?

They won't, they expect u once landing to Malaysia u must get to work!

Thanks to ur hubby's advice. Anyway, I'm not alone here, dun worry.

Of course more hectic than KL. Office hour work, back to hotel also work, sleep also think of work. U say leh?

Michael Song said...

brother... so nice lar abu dhabi... the temperature is so blardy high, make sure ur telur dont become separuh masak can d... b safe, play safe... said...

The two beds hor
You sleep one only ma
The other one ... for ... entertainment ... ngam ngam :P

laundryamah said...

wei faster visit the indoor ski n take pictures to show lei...

Will said...

wow... impressive...

take some time off go jalan jalan lar...

Jace said...

44'c? Aiseh!!!
I better ask my boss don send me there.
Why u still wear long sleeve ar? not hot meh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Very informative! I shall poke here everyday! Have a nice day!

Kenny Ng said...

[michael song]
Haha.. I work inside office, no worry. And... I no need to play safe because I dun play play.

The other bed my colleague sleep la

See when I got time la... i go back hotel also need to work la

I dunno when got time to jalan-jalan

Dun you know the wonder of air-con? No body asking u work outside under the hot sun la... LOL

[hor ny ang moh]
Thanks... but I can't update everyday now days.

moz monster said...

Bro, be happy you have a chance to soak salty water, and miss Malaysia and all the pretty gals back here ...

I think Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities in the world ... too bad they treat most Asians like slaves ...

Jace said...

ok lor.. Then u wear long sleeve and hide urself in the aircon room for 24 hours.


Kenny Ng said...

[moz monster]
Yeah... Malaysia people much nicer. Not really treat us like slave, they also work like us too.

Yah... we really live in aircon place 24 hours.

Huei said...

swimming pool!!! i wana swim!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Then u can jump down there... haha

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