Saturday, September 01, 2007

Merdeka Celebration at Abu Dhabi

Today is the only day we really no need to work here, normally we still need to work 7 days a week, Friday will be the weekend in UAE.

This morning all of us went to Embassy of Malaysia to celebrate our National Day, it was so packed with all Malaysians and by this function I realised many Malaysians aboard here for work. So coincidence I met Kat and her family also attended the celebration at the Embassy of Malaysia.

The Embassy of Malaysia

The Main Gate

People (Malaysians) are queuing up for foods

The Main Entrance

When I entered in for foods, it was so packed till I hardly get more foods, I just manage to get some of the Malaysia's traditional foods.

Rendang chicken, fried meehoon and satay

With my colleague

Then we spotted a Lamborghini opposite the embassy, everyone was look at the car and took picture with the car, so... I also don' miss the chance la...

My Lamborghini... :P

So, I'll just stay temporary at a villa in Abu Dhabi, later I have to move to another nearby villa together with another group of colleagues. So this is the current villa I stay now.

Huge huh? My room event bigger than my living hall in Kuala Lumpur, I really don't know what to do with a such room.

The beds, I'm staying alone now

Another corner

Another corner again...

I'll move to Dubai on Sunday which is more nearby my working place, it won't be a villa, it's an apartment, I really miss this villa which really so comfortable.

Front view of the villa

Today consider not so hot (44 degree c) as the summer going to be end soon. I tell you, you really can't bath during day time as the water so hot like boiled water, imagine the temperature can cook an half boiled egg. Imagine if I take shower, my balls really can be eaten... LOL

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


FireHorse said...

Nice car, nice villa, looks like you are doing okay. It's dat hot huh? Never mind la sweatin good for detox, hehe. You take care hear me......

angel said...

Whoa... yr villa room very big!!! Wah! So ngam got to meet Kat!!

Take care!

Aodian said...

wow its so cool ur living in a villa!!! I didnt notice you were there at the embassy.. I couldnt recognise you.. Anyways a warm welcome once again to Abu Dhabi! Will you be going for the Merdeka Celebration in Dubai on the 8th?
God Bless.. Dont forget to try the dates.. They are the ripest during the summer season.. the hotter the better!!

Wennnn said...

Wow tat room is huge!! Wahhh got double bed sumore?? Wat U gonna do la with all de empty spaces?? heheheheheh

Poonky said...

walau~! the room macam stay hotel! ish syok nya

AceOne118 said...

Nice place wor!!

FL Sam said...

Wow, very comfortable lifestyle. :)

King's wife said...

So the spacious ah! Looks nice n comfy.
How many days no shower liao? hehe...

Sasha said...

why u keep on taking pictures of the corners?

anyway the food look so yummy more fung fuu than the food we have here ....

Nonnie King said...

Now the only thing that is left out is a nice blonde sexy woman in bikini lying on your bed.

karen Q said...

muahhaa.. nonnie~, i love ur comment. hahaha... u r so understanding abt man..:P

eh, why the Lamborghini in green color ler? look so weird..

a^ben said...

such a nice room!!!

big room for u to dance hahaha

did u bring ur guitar and amp over??

Michael Song said...

got sing negarakuk* or not??? said...

So I guess you always take your bath near midnight?

erinalaw said...

Wah room so big. Say early early then, I get 1 whole bunch of people to come and visit u lar - off course stay in ur room, rite coz so big. Sound like you are doing well and happy there. Glad to hear that

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Lol...Happy Merdeka, Kenny!!!

tanalan2 said...

Wah so nice lar the villa !!!! Mind to switch place ??

Jace said...

walao eh..
u better don come back adi.
Nice car but the color suckssss~~~ !!!


Kenny Ng said...

That not my car la... haha. Yeah, damn hot but the sweating feeling diff in Malaysia.

U take care too

I don't think will join in Dubai, never heard anything from the company. I think I met u at the Embassy, but never greet you as I don't know you :)

The empty space will use for rock n roll... haha

Yah... so nice


[fl sam]
yah... live like king, work like slave... haha

[king's wife]
I shower everyday... haha

Because too big, so have to take at corner

[nonnie king]
Haha... how I wish

[karen q]
I also dunno why green, I just saja snap the pic... haha

Too much things to bring meh? Cannot la...

[michael song]
When I reach there over already national anthem

No need till midnight, in evening can tahan already

Then come come come! I'm so lonely in the room la

Same to u...

U willing to work 7 days a week, more than 12 hours a day?

I know u dunwan to see me... no need to ask me dun come back ma... LOL

Princess Eileen said...

I wonder why you need so many beds... Maybe you also get to have 5 wives. Muahahaha.... Wow, you really do live in a big, big place. Hopefully your dubai place will be great too!!!

Take care, Kenny!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...


few hours at there got lambo ledi!!!!!

i want to go there too

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah lau... 44 degrees!!! Seems like you're having a fun time there.

Hey!!! How come Malaysia Consulate in Shanghai does not have this kind of Merdeka celebration. Eeee... not fair!!!

Huei said...

wahh!! such a big room!!!!

green lamborghini..COOL!!!!

Bernard said...

Woowweeee... so huge eh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Big room! Can have so many 'hor ny activities' somemore got two big bed! Somemore pic & up-date! Have a nice day!

kat said...

Hey!! Thanks for bringing my stuff! Didn't think we'd bump into you that day. :)

Your villa looks deceptively small form outside!! You didn't mention how many rooms it has... 18? 20?? How many kitchens again? 4? 5?? And the outside kitchen.. the one with the laundry room and maids' room in it's own separate building.... LOL

I think you can host a blogger meet in your villa!!

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
5 wives?! For me 1 enough la... but not from Dubai please! Yeah, my Dubai place damn nice! :)

[pisang goreng]
Few hours can see a lambo la... not own it... haha

How come there no celebrate?

Yah... big!

Yah... everything also huge

[hor ny ang moh]
No time to horny at all lor... LOL

No prob... haha.. I think u really amazed by the villa after u visit it. Now I stay in Dubai also not so bad...

Jace said...

I adi moved next to ur house. Do u think i don wan to see u? U ran away after i moved in. Who doesnt wan see who now?

Kenny Ng said...

Not I want to run away ma... my working company kick me away ma.

Jace said...

SO.. it's ur fault.
I will look after ur house and catsssss.

Take care.

Kenny Ng said...

Dun forget my lion and tiger too, dun scare of them, they won't bite u, only eat u... wakakakaka

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