Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greeting From Dubai

Hello all, thanks for all the wishes for me. I'm at Dubai now safe and sound. Curently I stay at Abu Dhabi and have to travel to work in Dubai everyday.

Just got a laptop to use, but the internet line still limited and I have to share with my colleague. I'll try to update once I got time, the place I stay still no internet access, but heard that I'll move to Dubai soon together with few of my colleagues.

The time different here with Malaysia is 4 hours, I still need time to get use to it. Once again... thank you all.

I'm Safe and Sound!!!


angel said...

Yippie! Can go find Kat!!!!!! Please say hi to her! :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah... still have time to update your blog. Thats good!!! Glad that you sound well and happy dude. Have fun in Dubai!

Poonky said...

wuuu dubai girl pretty?

may said...

and H E L L O from KL!! aiseh, just when I thought of calling you up for a meet, you're in another country liao...

hope to catch up another time when we're both in the same country. take care and have a wonderful time in Dubai!

erinalaw said...

Hope you will have some good time there. Remember sovenier hor...... hehehe

clement said...

high paid and high allowance there? ha ha, dun get stuck there..

zeroimpact said...

Guess I'm a little bit late here but still glad you are safe
Hope this trip will do you many good

King's wife said...

Hope you settle down well. Met up with Kat yet?

Sasha said...

haha told u got internet wan la...

Chen said...

great to know tat u have reached Dubai safe & sound :)

AceOne118 said...

Great! explore more of Dubai and let us know!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah.... have a nice job there and cum holiday there...


happy merdeka day from malaysia

Simple American said...

Glad you had a safe trip.

Happy Merdeka to you.

Wennnn said...

Glad to hear U are safe and sound!! Eh Dubai fly over here very near oni!!!

Nonnie King said...

So will you be blogging in Dubai?

Kenny Ng said...

I just met Kat at Malaysia Embassy for the Merdeka celebration. Haha..

I curi curi blog only... LOL. Ok la, luckily all my colleagues are great, helping each others. Thanks

I dunno, I just busy with work, no time to see.

Aiseh.. wrong timing la. Nvm, next time yah!

Great time? Susah la, 7 days also work. Souvenir? Aiyo... I dunno got time to shop around or not.

Mine not high and I won't stuck here.

Thanks... never too late :)

[king's wife]
I can adapt new place very fast, yeah, just met her at Malaysia Embassy for the Merdeka celebration.

Very limited leh


Explore more sand to u want? LOL

[pisang goreng]
I'm not holiday there, 7 days also work. Now holiday still work.

[simple american]

How near?

If not how can I blog this post? LOL

tanalan2 said...

Grab me some sand when u come dust also can wor.....

FL Sam said...

Wah, you now in the rich Arab land. You come back can be an "Arab" with lots of $$$$. :)

erinalaw said...

Wah!!! Like tat sudah sound ku-hoon leh ........... Ok, I forget to say my magic word ........... PLEASEEEEE!!!

Jace said...


Kenny Ng said...

I'm full of sand now... haha

[fl sam]
I just temporary here, I'm not getting much as those permanent here.

LOL... must pray for me got time to go around or not lor.

Not so la...

Michael Song said...

watever u do brother, be safe!!!

marsha said...

nice to see update to your blog, kenny! have fun exploring dubai. heard there're a lot of rich girls there, wor. got or not?

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