Monday, September 10, 2007


This two days the weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi was not so nice for me to snap some sceneries on my way back home. The wind blow quite strong and it brings the fine sand flying around the sky, in the proper term it calls 'Sandstorm'.

It's not so bad after all, it's just a minor sandstorm, we still can see the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, but when I get out from car at petrol station, I really can't open my eyes, the fine sand flew into my eyes. Workers at perol station also need to cover their face and eyes.

In Dubai, he visibility getting bad.

In the highway, can't see the building at the opposite side.

Front view, you can see how bad it is

Even the sunlight also not that strong anymore

According to my colleague, the sandstorm was not serious at all, he experienced even worst, everyone have to stop at road because can't see the road at all until the sandstorm has slow down then only can continue their journey.

Sand Attack!!!


kat said...

Eh.. I didn't notice the sand storm. Probably because I was hiding inside the flat most of the time. Either that, or it was only blowing in the outskirts. Now we know why they wear the headscarf, white robe and slippers-eh? You wanna get an outfit like that too, to protect yourself from the sand?? :D

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

They have very terrible sand storm in Beijing as well. Lucky not in shanghai.

Princess Eileen said...

You should try desert safari when you have the chance. Meanwhile, hide when there is a sandstorm. Take care ya!

tanalan2 said...

Wah..lagi kaulat than our haze in Malaysia..hehe glad to be in Malaysia leh afterall..

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Kenny,

You need to change your dressing liao....ya...the head scarf and the robe.

FL Sam said...

Nice new discovery!. Many happenings in UAE. Got go driving range there ah?? :)

Kenny Ng said...

I think your place not so bad, Khalifa City really bad too like outskirt of Dubai. Haha... no need wear like them la, I no need stay outside so long.

Lucky you...

[princess eileen]
If got time I really want to try it out. I will... thanks

How u know... haha

Haha... no need that la, I'm not working outdoor.

[fl sam]
No time to go la...

belle said...

ride on camel that more safe gua xD

Kenny Ng said...

Apalah....where got camel in town area? Somemore camel is not allow enter into highway la... LOL

Huei said...

wah! better wear a mask when u go out! so serious!!

Kenny Ng said...

This 1 just minor sandstorm only, got even serious more but I haven't met yet.

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