Monday, August 06, 2007

REDtone The Big Cheater!!!

I really got no any better words to describe this most lousiest ever telecommunication services from REDtone. They not only worst in their services but also a big cheater ever I've been gone through.

I made report about my internet connection was down since last Thursday and it still not recovered until now. Everytime when I called them, they'll answered me can be done by few hours, but everyday when I reached home from work it still the same!

Today I called again and I really raised up my anger, then they promised me will send a technician to my place to check it out. I told them I only can be at home by 6.00pm, in the afternoon a technician called me that he was at they place I stay, come on! It's office hour how do you expect me at home? So I told the technician to come back by 6.00pm and he agreed.

It's unusual I went back home right after office hour, I reach home about 5.40pm and I was waiting for the technician, then I checked again with their customer support, the person answered my call promised will informed a technician to be at my house soon, he also told me will call me back right after it.

I waited till 6.05pm and still no body call or come to my house, then I called back again to the service center and that time no body picked up my phone call! I called back to the technician which the number recorded in my mobile phone, no body answered my phone call at all too! I SMS to the number and still no reply!

I keep on calling both numbers till late evening, the result still the same, no body answer it! Damn... I wonder what kind of services from them, they always broke the promises. They also promised will deduct my monthly fee for my lost but they still charge me with the full amount!

REDtone The Biggest Cheater Ever!!!


belle said...

kennyu kenny! don angry >"<
later u become ugly how?!
curse red tone

Maverick SM said...

You should make an official complain to Robert Kuok or Chay Kuok. Otherwise... you get the shit service.

Poonky said...

hm..even Streamyx is the same, oh ya kenny by the way did u ever try services? they expanding their service soon

if you asked me i used their service for 2 years + seldom downtime, fast speed and great customer support, will call back when they fixed. im using their wifi service too bad my area got removed from the map

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i think you turns your skin to green then they baru sked

Simple American said...

Go kick their balls!!!

I wanna see your rocker posts. :P

AceOne118 said...

REDtone!! go fly kite lah. Stim-mex mia serbis better than you.!

narrowband said...

Whoah! Anything worse than Streamyx has got to be VEEERRRRYYYYYYY BADD!!!

Not only their service is poor, they (the staff) are bullying you leh!

Write to THE STAR! said...

Other than ... kelian kenny
I dunno what to say said...

Other than ... kelian kenny
I dunno what to say

Sasha said...

i tot u using steamyx?

Huei said...


complain to thestar or something..they sure scared wan!!

Will said...

collect proof and send with complain letter to consumer tribunal... sure the act very fast after that

clare said...

They are so screwed up, man! Time for them to change....or rather, you change ISP then...
call them again today and every other day, ask for the supervisor or manager, dun talk to their frontline, they are useless pile of shits! Complain kao kao about the technician to their manager...sure he'll do something about it wan...
If the manager is also as screwed up, go to the media AND the ministry if you must...someone ought to do something...

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Write to Malay Mail. Complain. The technician obviously not answering your call on purpose. Revenge! Spam his SMS.

danny said...

This is the biggest problem with all malaysian based companies. Customers are last on the priority list.

You should not let this go easy. Make them realize that it is not a good idea to mess with the customer.

You might just get yourself free subscription for life... but then do you want their crappy service anyway?

Maverick SM said...


Have you solve your problem?

may said...

this is too funny! I came onto your site, saw 2 cute little fluffy kittens in your naffnang ads, and then the angry post at REDtone cheaters... totally opposite feeling in one go, LOLOL!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I do hope u r connected now! Have a nice day!If still angry, go & lic*k some ice-cream. It will cool u down!

Kenny Ng said...

I angry or not also ugly la...

I don't have their contact

As I said, don't wasting too much time suggest me to change to other ISP, all are not available or not allow to provide the service in the condo I stay ok?

They are numb with it, they are not afraid of it

[simple american]
I wish I could kick them.

Ditto... other ISP not available here ok?

I wrote to consumer right department already.

No need to say anything... just wish me luck

No.. all the time No

I complained to consumer right department already

What prove I have?

No any other ISP allow or available here ok? If talk to manager also the same, sure giving u nonsence excuses.

Write to anywhere also same, not only me complain about it

You are right, I'll never let them to be easy.

Login problem solved, but the connection still unstable during night time.

Nothing I can say...

[hor ny ang moh]
What kind of ice-cream? Can be more specified? LOL

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh dear!!

What an agony there bro!!

Aiyo.. some ppl deserve to be shot!!

The government shud just suspense their service!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..didnt expect them to be that bad..goes to show even if they win tat license..can still b damn crap eh..

poisoned vein said...

Hi Kenny,

I'm very sorry to hear about your frustration.

I understand your anger and all, but it is quiet unfair, knowing that the technician did show up.

They also work during working hours. So does the customer care team.
I don't know the problem you are facing, but I'm sure it can be resolved.

I'm attached to the corporate side and I can raise this to the management. Of course there are solutions.

All i'm asking is for you not to jump to conclusions just based on one incident.

Let me know of your service detail and I will personally raise the case myself.

By this, I get to keep you happy and turn things around.
I'm sure it was just a minor error.

Again, I apologise and hopefully you permit another chance to resolve your issue.

Thank you.


Kenny Ng said...

[poisoned vein]
Thanks, I don't have the problem anymore because I no longer living that area to use the service. I'm working aboard now.

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