Thursday, August 02, 2007

eB/REDtone Down to Hell Again

This time I really need anyone of you come and kill me off! I really can't stand anymore with this most unreliable ISP I ever use. My internet connection down again since yesterday till now still not recover. Now I have to check my mails and work stuff in a cyber cafe.

This morning I called to the service center and after a moment they called back and told me the line is up. Then just now when I reach home in evening, I tried to login, still the same result, the server is down!

I really need to make online payment on my hometown's utilities bill and some other bills, it's already due to date and I can't pay it! I'm not going to do online payment in cyber cafe which is unsafe for this kind of transaction. Now who going to pay me the late payment penalties?!!!

I really can't understand why got this kind of ISP service which only respond to customer in office hour, it suppose has 24 hours customer technical service. It's unfair to people like me who have to work early morning and came back home late evening, if the line is down, who I going to ask for help?

Where is the customer right? We should have right to choose which ISP or other services, but now I got no other choices, no TM here means no Streamyx, the others all less coverage or no coverage at all! Don't ask me to move house to somewhere got Streamyx, it's better you come and kill me off!

eB/REDtone Is The WORST ISP Ever!!!


laundryamah said...

is this related to screamyx?

AceOne118 said...

This eb thingy has been giving you problem for quite sometime ledi. It's about time to change lar! Digi or Maxis perhaps.

yipguseng said...

lets wait for our saviour wimax...and hope it is really that promissing...

Simple American said...

Just drop them. Don't pay em another dime. What a pain.

conan_cat said...

ehh redtone, i heard before lor but i never knew their service is THIS bad... now i know. maybe you should consider maxis' broadband, but dunno got cover your area anot la... should have much better service lor

FL Sam said...

They are some new ISP provider.(I cant remember the name), Try them out.:) said...

I will suggest Maxis

Huei said...

aiks!!! and i thought it was better edi since u said so the other day

stupid ISP!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Bro! Go get yourself a phone line and dial up jaring 1511.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Oh... forgot to tell you. Last night I dreamt about you. Dont' ask me what the dream is about or what are you doing in there, ok... ahaha.. I also don't know. I just know you are in my dream. Hahaha.

Jace said...

cool down...

belle said...

wei! chilll la senang tua wei!

Anonymous said...

wah >< this redtone really tak boleh harap. there is one isp in penang which is quite realiable. but i duno whether kl have or not. Penangfon.. u heard b4

Mr. Goober said...

wow what happened? you're not in malaysia liao??

_butt said...

aiseh... cool cool

Iwan Sanchez said...

not again bro..


relax and cool down ok..

day-dreamer said...

I hear already also feel pek cek... I pray for your sanity. :D

tanalan2 said...

Hey brother, Tried using Digi or Maxis inernet service ??? My fren is using Digi's broadband..seems ok wor...

may said...

best solution is -- move to an area which has Streamyx! ;-)

Kenny Ng said...


Cannot use also

How long have to wait?

[simple american]
If drop it what I gonna use?

Maxis not that stable here

[fl sam]
Unavailable here.

Not available

Now back to worst again.

I don't have fix phone line.

What dream? Can tell me?


I already old, no point to chill up

Penang is Penang... KL different

[mr. goober]
Don't you read proper?


I can't this time!


All not available or not practical to me ok?

Have u read what I wrote? Do not ask me to move out!

Winn said...

they are listed hor?

Ah Pek said...

go and drink more "killkenny"!

Princess Eileen said...

Hope everything will be ok for u asap, Kenny.

Jace said...

how to cool down ar? Kill Kenny lor..

clare said...

Down those Kilkenny! :D

Screw them, Kenny!

De Pianist said...

i understand how you feel..i was forced to use the hostel's internet provider,and the speeds sucks like hell..mcm snail only..and there're several times that i can't connect to the internet for no reasons..shitty d..

anyway,hopefully,there'll have a better internet provider for you soon.good luck.=)

Kenny Ng said...

I dunno... none of my business.

[ah pek]
I wish to

[princess eileen]
I hope so too... but looks like can't

U belanja?

I'm going to kick down their office soon

[de pianist]
Hostel line always limited. Not like mine, I never get what I paid.

Anonymous said...

Hallo bro.Where do u live? I am eb redtone technician.Dont judge book by its cover.I'm not backing my company. But u can try use streamyx and u compare it with eB. When your internet line is down,is it have streamyx technician come to your house??? They come but take 2 weeks! Please..think with ur mind.

Kenny Ng said...

Hello... I no longer in KL now, I'm in Dubai. Just to tell you the place I used to stay no streamyx service. Furthermore I always faced the network problem every weeks.

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